Meditations On Integration
© Bandstand (Bandstand BDCD 1524)

  1. Peggy's Blue Skylight (11:04) (Charles Mingus)
  2. Fables Of Faubus (17:15) (Charles Mingus)
  3. Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress (12:54) (Charles Mingus)
  4. Meditations On Integration (22:14) (Charles Mingus)
Johnny Coles (tp); Eric Dolphy (as, bcl, fl); Clifford Jordan (ts); Jaki Byard (p); Charles Mingus (b); Dannie Richmond (d)
Date and place
April 13, 1964 in Stockholm, Sweden
Contact information from the back cover of the CD: Made in Italy by: BASE RECORDS Via Collamarini 26, Bologna tel. 051-534697 - Telefax 051-538017.

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