Eric Dolphy

    The Complete Uppsala Concert

    (C) 1993 ITM Media (JD 1253/54)

    Disc One

    1. What Is This Thing Called Love (4:26) (Cole Porter)
    2. 245 (20:40) (Eric Dolphy)
    3. Laura (6:56) (David Raskin)
    4. 52nd St. Theme (1:46) (Thelonious Monk)
    5. Bag's Groove (14:07) (Milt Jackson)

    Disc Two

    1. Out Of Nowhere (12:46) (Green-Heyman)
    2. I'll Remember April (14:31) (Rayne-Depail-Johnston)
    3. 52nd St. Theme (0:49) (Thelonious Monk)
    4. When Lights Are Low (15:58) (Benny Carter)

    Eric Dolphy (as, bc, fl); Rony Johansson (p); Kurt Lindgren (b); Rune Carlsson (d)
    Date and place
    Sept 4, 1961, Vastmanland Dala Nation, Uppsala, Sweden.
    from the cover:

    The Uppsala concert which took place the 4th of September was one of a series of concerts given by Dolphy in Sweden, in 1961. It was organized by the local Jazz Club in one of the halls belonging to the university and which generally featured dance-bands. Somc 400 or 500 people, standing, attended this concert. The rhythm section was composed, besides Kurt Lindgren on bass, of pianist Ronny Johansson and drummer Rune Carlsson. The musicians met for the first time an hour before the concert and had a little rehearsal: a few standards, 245, a Dolphy original... later the same evening, it was on this blues theme that Dolphy would play his longest solo on record (13 min.). Note also that he performs "Laura ' on unaccompanied alto sax. "Bag's Groove", the Milt Jackson composition, which Dolphy plays on the flute, is quite a surprising choice. So, thanks to this unexpected recording, we discover new facets of the music of Eric Dolphy, who was particularly inspired that evening of September '61, it seems to me. This album is dedicated to Kurt Lindgren, who was to disappear tragically in an automobile accident, just a week after our meeting in Haninge.