Eric Dolphy in Europe Vol. 1

    Eric Dolphy

    (C) Fantasy Inc. (OJCCD-413-2)

    1. Hy Fly (13:10) (Randy Weston)
    2. Glad To Be Unhappy (5:59) (Rodgers-Hart)
    3. God Bless The Child (6:47) (Herzog-Holiday)
    4. Oleo (7:07) (Sonny Rollins)
    • Hy Fly: Eric Dolphy (fl); Chuck Israels (b);
    • Glad To Be Unhappy, Oleo: Eric Dolphy (fl, bc); Bent Axen (p); Erik Moseholm (b); Jorn Elniff (d);
    • God Bless The Child: Eric Dolphy (bc);
    Date and place
    Sept 8, 1961, Studententerforeningen, Copenhagen.
    The American bassist, Chuck Israels, who was on tour with Jerome Robbins' ballet group at the time came on stage and joined Dolphy for a duo on Hy Fly.