Dave Douglas' In Our Lifetime

This page presents some discussion and samples from Dave Douglas' 1995 release In Our Lifetime, New World/Countercurrents 80471-2, along with corresponding samples from Booker Little's Out Front and Victory and Sorrow records.

Douglas' record is a brilliant tribute to music that was played many years ago, but is completely contemporary, as expressed in the title "In our lifetime". Douglas told me that he spent a lot of time listening to music from the late 50s - early 60s in preparation for composing the music on this CD. Booker Little was out front in this process, obviously, as he includes 3 Little compositions, and was directly inspired by Booker in several of his original works.

The musicians participating in this ensemble are Dave Douglas (trumpet), Chris Speed (clarinet and tenor sax), Josh Roseman (trombone), Uri Caine (piano), James Genus (bass), Joey Baron (drums), and Marty Ehrlich (bass clarinet on "In Our Lifetime"). The sessions took place December 7 and 8, 1994 at Power Station, NYC. See Patrice Roussel's discography for a fairly complete list of Douglas' work. Also note Francis Davis' remarks in this interview in Atlantic Magazine.

Douglas says he is attracted to the open forms provided by Little, by the long forms that don't consist of simple phrases, and by the space given to soloists in the sense of providing structures that still allow the soloist to play freely.

The complete track listing for the CD is:
  1. In Our Lifetime (Dave Douglas) [10:16]
  2. Three Little Monsters (Dave Douglas) [5:20]
  3. Forward Flight (Booker Little) [6:54]
  4. The Persistence of Memory (Dave Douglas) [4:37]
  5. Out in the Cold (Dave Douglas) [6:26]
  6. Strength and Sanity (Booker Little) [4:47]
  7. Four Miniatures after Booker Little (Dave Douglas)
  8. Moods in Free Time (Booker Little) [5:40]
  9. Bridges (for Tim Berne) (Dave Douglas) [17:44]


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