Other Aspects

    Eric Dolphy

    (C) 1987 Manhattan Records (Blue Note CDP 7 48041 2)

    1. A Personal Statement (aka Jim Crow) (176K 22kHz u-law) (15:30) (Bob James)
    2. Inner Flight I (4:04) (Eric Dolphy)
    3. Dolphy'n (6:45) (Eric Dolphy)
    4. Inner Flight II (4:04) (Eric Dolphy)
    5. Improvisations and Tukras (10:47) (Traditional)
    • A Personal Statement (aka Jim Crow): Eric Dolphy (as, bc, fl); Bob James (pno); Ron Brooks (bass); Robert Pozar (perc); David Schwartz (counter-tenor);
    • Inner Flight I and II: Eric Dolphy (fl);
    • Dolphy-N: Eric Dolphy (as); Ron Carter (b);
    • Improvisations and Tukras: Eric Dolphy (fl); Gina Lalli (tablas); Roger Mason (tamboura);
    Date and place
    • Improvisations and Tukras: July 8, 1960, Stereo Sound Studios, NYC.
    • Jim Crow: March 2, 1964, Ann Arbor Michigan, WUOM Studio
    • other titles: Esoteric Sound, Nov 1960, New York City
    These tapes were given for safe keeping to Eric's close friends Hale and Juanita Smith before Eric left for Europe with Mingus in 1964. After Eric's death in Berlin on June 29, 1964, Hale Smith informed Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dolphy Sr. about the tapes. The Dolphys told Hale Smith to hold on to the tapes for the time being. They remained in Smith's music studio for twenty-two years. In late 1999 and early 2000, Ralf Dietrich let us know about the origins of what was known as Jim Crow. See his article and letter for more.