Samples from Rehearsal in Stockholm 13 April 1964

Video Samples

Quicktime movies (and RealVideo, more of these to come)
Byard, Mingus, Dolphy4072 KBfrom Meditations: Depth, techniques, man!
Flute solo4104 KBfrom Meditations
Flute solo (same as above but RealVideo)96 KBfrom Meditations
Flute effects4032 KBEric playing percussion on flute from Meditations
Bass Clarinet work3880 KBfrom Meditations, part of solo
Getting ready to pray2632 KBMingus counts out opening of Meditations
Excerpt of alto solo1064 KBEnd of solo on So Long Eric
Entire alto solo4224 KBRehearsing So Long Eric