Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy-Booker Little Quintet 16 July 1961 Five Spot, New York City Booker Little (tpt); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Mal Waldron (pno); Richard Davis (bass); Ed Blackwell (dr) 270. Status Seeking (as) 11:30
271. God Bless the Child (bcl) 5:16
272. Aggression (bcl) 16:38
273. Like Someone in Love (fl) 19:25
274. Fire Waltz (as) 13:14
275. Bee Vamp (bcl) 12:13
276. Bee Vamp (bcl) 9:33
277. The Prophet (as) 21:00
278. Number Eight (as) 17:00
279. Booker's Waltz (bcl) 15:00
Some of the releases of these are: Prestige 7382, "Here and There", which only has Status Seeking and God Bless the Child, New Jazz NJLP8260 or Prestige 7611, Vol. 1, containing Fire Waltz, Bee Vamp, and The Prophet, Prestige PR7294 or 7826, Vol. 2, containing Aggression and Like Someone in Love, Prestige PR7334, "Eric Dolphy & Booker Little Memorial Album" or Vol 3, containing Number Eight (also called Potsa Lotsa on some labels) and Booker's Waltz, and Prestige P-34002, "The Great Concert of Eric Dolphy" containing Vols. I, II, and III. Also on: Vol 1: OJC 133, Vol 2: OJC 247, Memorial Album: OJC 353-2. There is also another take of Bee Vamp on "Dash-1", MPP2517, that is also included on OJC-133. Additional releases: P 24070, NJLP 8288, OJCCD673-2, SMJ-6572, SMJ-6573, SMJ-6574, SMJ-6578, SMJ-7192, SMJ-7269, VIJ210, VDJ1504, VICJ23511, VDJ1594, (J)VIJ4034, VIJ216, VIJ237, VDJ1525, VICJ23512, Prestige (F)68.369/71, Esquire 32-173, Stateside SL 10160, Pathé-Marconi 230.802, Pathé (F)2C.054-10135, La Voix de son Maitre HTX 40.343, Giants of Jazz (I)CD53064 & 53067, (Du)MPR3032, (Du)MPRS3033, (Du)MPRS3034, LLP88131, LLP88152, LLP88178, (F)HTX40343, CPRX240343, (F)68.326, Fonit Cetra (I)HB6044, Fonit Cetra (I)HBT6117, Fonit Cetra (I)HBS6157, MJ7043, FHCY-2009. Fire Waltz, Number Eight, the longer Bee Vamp, and Booker's Waltz are on Jazz Roots CD 56054 and Jazz Portraits CD 14553, "Fire Waltz". A good place to hear it all is on the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182.

Live recording of a nights performance, this may be the best use ever of this method of capturing music. Everybody should have these recordings.

Aggression is Booker at his best. He plays these blasts near the beginning of his solo that knocked me out the first time I heard it, and still thrill me tremendously. Like Someone in Love is equally masterful, with lovely chamber trios at beginning and end. The Prophet has some of Eric's best alto playing. Bee Vamp is a fascinating composition of Booker's. It's all excellent and rewarding.