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Eric Dolphy Quintet 30 August 1961

Deutsch-land-halle, Berlin Germany

Eric Dolphy (bcl,as); Benny Bailey (tpt); Pepsi Auer (pno); Jamil Nasser, aka George Joyner (bass); Buster Smith (dr) 287. GW (as) 3:14
288. God Bless the Child (bcl) 3:18
289. 245 (as) 5:32
Inner City 3017, "The Berlin Concerts", a two-record set, with below. Perhaps available on videotape from the German broadcast station SWR (Südwestrundfunk), the former SWF. Since it was aired as part #24 of a TV series called "Jazz gehört und gesehen", anybody interested in this rare and valuable document might be able to order it at Sendemitschnitt@swr-online.de (attention of Mrs. Jessy Doenges). The price, at least some years ago, was some 50 marcs (plus shipping). Thanks to Peter Gerbrecht for this information. The Inner City is a US licenced version of the original (German) enja release, 3007/9 with both LPs complete on a single CD. 245 is also on Enja/Musica Jazz (I)SPE1.
These are from a television broadcast by the German station SWF. The show featured the Humphrey Lyttelton Orchestra, followed by the Lyttelton sextet accompanying blues vocalist Billie Poole, then Dolphy's quintet. Joyner and Smith also performed Oscar Pettiford's Blues in the Closet, without Dolphy, Bailey and Auer. 245 is called The Meeting, and GW is given as Gee Wee.
Jam Session 30 August 1961 Jazz Salon, Berlin Germany Eric Dolphy (as, bcl, fl); Benny Bailey (tpt); Pepsi Auer (pno); Jamil Nasser (bass); Buster Smith (dr) 290. Hot House (as)
291. When Lights are Low (bcl)
292. Hi-Fly (fl)
293. I'll Remember April (as)
Inner City 3017, Enja (G)3007/9 with above. Other releases include (Am)R21Y79636, (J)SFX10049/50, 40MJ3122/3, 30MJ9049/50, K32Y6124, ENJ1003.