Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Oliver Nelson Sextet 23 February 1961 New York City Freddie Hubbard (tpt); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Oliver Nelson (as,ts); George Barrow (bars); Bill Evans (pno); Paul Chambers (bass); Roy Haynes (dr) 216. Stolen Moments (fl) 8:45
217. Hoe-Down (as) 4:43
218. Cascades (as) 5:30
219. Yearnin' (as) 6:20
220. Butch and Butch (as) 4:35
221. Teenie's Blues (as) 6:31
Impulse AS-5 and MCAD-5659, "The Blues and the Abstract Truth". Other releases include HMV (E)CLP1528, CSD1422, (EU)IMPL8014, La Voce del Padrone (I)QEIP-8040, CSPQ-6263, (I)5027, MCA-29013, (J)YP-8501-AI, (J)VIM-4646, (J)VIM-5561, (J)VIM-5648, Jasmine (E)JAS20, IA-9335-2, MCA2-4148, Philips (G)P632061L, AS-9237-2, FM-034, Verve (EU)2615044, ASD-9228-3, ASY-9284-3, (NL)EPIM5543. Stolen Moments is on GRP11512. At least one tune from this album is extremely popular. Nice band, interesting context for Eric, not his most memorable bunch of solos though.
Oliver Nelson Quintet 1 March 1961 Englewood Cliffs NJ Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Oliver Nelson (as,ts,cl); Richard Wyands (pno); George Duvivier (bass); Roy Haynes (dr) 222. Images (bcl) 5:45
223. Six and Four (as) 7:17
224. Mama Lou (as) 5:03
225. Ralph's New Blues (bcl) 9:54
226. Straight Ahead (as) 5:35
227. 111-44 (bcl) 3:28
New Jazz NJLP8255, OJC-099-2 (LP and CD), "Straight Ahead". Also on Prestige PR24060, a twofer with "Screamin' the Blues", and on the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182. Also on Esquire (E)32-168, (J)SMJ-6506, (NL)PPR083, Fonit Cetra (I)HB6139, Boplicity (E)BOMP10. Ralph's New Blues is on FCD60-022. At least as cool as above, but less known. The playing on this record is superb, and the music and musicianship are extraordinary. This should be required listening for bands playing in this style.