Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Clifford Brown ca. early 1950s Los Angeles Clifford Brown (tpt, p); Max Roach (dr); Eric Dolphy (as); Walter Benton, Harold Land (ts); Richie Powell (p); ? (b) 18. Conception 15:42
19. Fine and Dandy 21:52
20. Wahoo (no Dolphy?)
21. Unknown tune 11:24
Philology W 1001.2, 1004, 1006 Supposedly Dolphy appears on Tadd Dameron's Wahoo, along with Brown, Harold Land, Richie Powell, and Max Roach. This may have been recorded at a practice session in Eric's studio (which may not have existed until 1955), though the CD apparently claims it was recorded in Wilmington. Joe O'Con supposedly has tapes that may be the source (without his permission) for this bootleg CD. Mark Ladenson informed us in late 2003 that other issues from Philology (there are apparently 5 Brownie's Eyes CDs) contain 3 tracks purporting to include Dolphy. He provided an excerpt that sure sounds like Dolphy. Marcello Piras corrected the speed on this bit of Dolphy soloing on a tune titled Conception. There are actually at least 17 Brownie's Eyes CDs, which I now have, thanks to Allen Welsh. Philology W1006, Brownie's Eyes Vol 5, lists Crazeology, Old Folks, and Deception as date and place unknown, "Jammin' with Eric Dolphy". The first two are piano solos, however, with only a trace of an alto in the ensemble. Old Folks is presumably Brown on piano. The rest is up to our ears. Let me know what you think. Philology W1004, Brownie's Eyes Vol 3, lists a Fine and Dandy with Dolphy. Listen to the alto solo and see if you think it's Dolphy. Volume 4 has an unnamed track that I hope people will also check out. Some of these have apparently been issued on several bootlegs with further confusing information.