Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
John Coltrane Quintet 10 February 1962 Birdland, New York City John Coltrane (ts,ss); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Jimmy Garrison (bass); Elvin Jones (dr) 387. My Favorite Things (fl) 19:26
388. Mr. PC (as) 11:00
389. Red Planet (as)
Affinity AFF79, "John Coltrane Live at Birdland Featuring Eric Dolphy", Ozone 10, "That Dynamic Jazz Duo!" (there are 2 different, though similar, covers for this LP), Jazz Anthology 30JA5184, "Two Giants Together/Rare Live Performance", Ses 114 "Hooray for John Coltrane" with some funny versions of the titles (Stuff I'm Partial Too, Mr. R.C.M. Jr., and Man-Made Miles!"), VJ(J)ULS1654JY "Inner Man", VJ(J)RVC RJL2663, VJ(J)RJL6011, VJ(J)RJL160, VJ(J)22YB2089, VJ(J)32YD1084, VJ(J)FHCY1019, VJ(J)UXP88JY, Aff(C)68, Chly(E)CDCH68, Album Festival(F)378, Fes 403781, JA(F)30JA5184, Music Room Special MRS5010 and MRS5049, Thesis(F)THJ82031, GL(I)CD3GLP456, and in part on JM(I)CJZLP3, EJ(I)EJ1013, Curzio(I)GJ16, GAJ(I)JZCD319, Acc(F)139230, Acc(F)556632, Frequenz(I)044-009, UJ(Is)UJ26, RARELP(I)11/15, RARECD 11/15, Tel(I)TDS3600, Tel TRCD1007, Am ARCD10001, JM(I)CJZLP4, GAJ(I)JZCD320. According to Fujioka, this was from after midnight on the 9th/10th. Red Planet is generally known as Miles' Mode.
  16 February 1962 Birdland   390. The Inchworm (bcl) 7:14
391. Mr PC (as)
392. My Favorite Things (fl) 13:50
This is from Fujioka, who note it was another midnight broadcast from the 16/17th.

Dolphy comes in early on Inchworm on bass clarinet, accenting the melody. Symphony Sid Torin makes some prominent announcements between tunes, but Coltrane is barely heard. Mr. P.C. is particularly nice.