Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
John Coltrane Quintet 23 November 1961
Koncerthuset, Stockholm Sweden John Coltrane (ss,ts); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr). 369. Blue Train (as) 8:57
370. Naima (bcl) 4:00
371. Impressions (as) 7:11
372. My Favorite Things (fl) 20:48
373. Naima (bcl) 2:25
374. Impressions (as,bcl) 11:30
375. My Favorite Things (fl) 25:55
"Coltranology Vol I.", BYG YX-8006 (Japan), or Historic Performances HPLP-5, or Charly CD 117 "John Coltrane Live in Stockholm 1961". S&T and the insert list first takes of My Favorite Things and Impressions on HPLP-1. That MFT is also on the Rhino compilation R4 71255. S&T also list a recording of Naima on HPLP-1, from an unknown date, but the insert lists Naima NC from this concert. This is a truncated version of Naima that is indeed from the second concert.

Fujioka is presumably definitive, and lists the first concert as including Blue Train, Naima, Impressions, and My Favorite Things, and the second concert as Naima, Impressions, and My Favorite Things. HPLP1 was the second concert, HPLP5 the first concert. Other releases include Bep(E)BEP504 (this is the same as HPLP1), Aff AFF14, Aff(I)PROM20, Aff(Sp)32-2051, Aff(J)RJL3001, BYG(J)YX4006, BYG(J)YX2063/5, BYG(J)YX2039, Seven Seas(J)K18P6233/4, Classic Jazz(C)CDCD1009, as "European Impressions" on BS(J)32JDB-199 and BS(J)TKCB-30467 (all the same as HPLP5), and pieces of it on Opx 10, JBir JAZ2006, BS(I)BDLP/CD1514, BYG(J)XY0002, Black Bird(I)no number, Frequenz(I)044-009, Drive(Swt)3513, Jazz Collection(F)ORO 129, GL(I)CD3GLP456, Aff(E)AFF764, All That's Jazz(H)ATJCD 8003.

This is my most cherished record. This My Favorite Things is without a doubt the finest version available. The recording of Impressions is also at the summit, perfection.