Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy Groups 1 July 1963 NYC (Music Makers, Inc.) Eric Dolphy (fl,bcl); Richard Davis (bass). 461. Alone Together 12:07 (bcl)
462. Alone Together 13:37 (bcl)
463. Come Sunday [6:30] (bcl)
464. Ode to C.P. [8:14] (fl)
465. Muses [7:39] (bcl)
466. Muses [8:31] (bcl)
467. Muses [8:49] (bcl)
The longer Alone Together is on Joy 116, Come Sunday and Ode are on "Iron Man" (see below). Reichardt's update spends a lot of time on these sessions, and says that Muses is unissued, and that there is an alternate take of Alone Together, also unissued. These were issued in Japan in November 2013, Marshmallow Export MMEX-159-CD, Muses, and on Musical Prophet, Resonance HLP-9035, in 2019.

Muses is a Roland Hanna composition.

The original issues were on "Conversations", FM-308 (Alone) and "Iron Man", Douglas International SD785. See below for other issues. Peter Roberts provided a scan of the back of SD785 and a black and white version of the same photo.

These duets are wonderful. I'm particularly fond of Come Sunday, an easy beautiful tune to play, so if you have a guitarist or bassist handy check it out.
  3 July 1963   Woody Shaw (tpt); Clifford Jordan (ts); Huey "Sonny" Simmons (as); William "Prince" Lasha (fl); Eric Dolphy (bcl); Garvin Bushell (bassoon); Bobby Hutcherson (vib); Richard Davis, Eddie Khan (bass); J.C. Moses (dr). 468. Burning Spear [12:03] (bcl)
469. Burning Spear [10:31] (bcl)
On "Iron Man", see below. Douglas 15, Douglas SD785, KZ 30873, Celluloid (OAO) CELCD5015, Metronome 72659, West Wind 2057, and elsewhere. Apparently the whole session was released on the 2-LP "Jitterbug Waltz", Douglas DLP 6002 in 1976 (thanks to Todd Poynor for this info). The shorter version is from Musical Prophet.
Clifford Jordan (ss); Sonny Simmons (as); Prince Lasha (fl); Eric Dolphy (bcl); Richard Davis (bass); Charles Moffett (dr). 470. Music Matador [9:35](bcl)
471. Music Matador [8:05](bcl)
Originally on "Conversations", Fred Miles FM-308. The shorter take is from Musical Prophet.  
      Woody Shaw (tpt); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Bobby Hutcherson (vib); Eddie Khan, Richard Davis (bass); J.C. Moses (dr). 472. Jitterbug Waltz [7:18](fl)
473. Jitterbug Waltz [9:36](fl)
474. Iron Man [9:14](as)
475. Iron Man [8:27](as)
476. Mandrake [4:42](as)
477. Mandrake [4:19](as)
478. Mandrake [6:49](as)
Iron Man and Mandrake are on "Iron Man", Jitterbug Waltz is on "Conversations" and elsewhere, the longer take is from Musical Prophet. There are two takes of Iron Man and three of Mandrake, but the alternates were only recently issued:

MMEX-159 has the alternate Iron Man and 4:19 Mandrake, and the long Mandrake is on Resonance Records' Musical Prophet.

All of these recordings represent a rare opportunity for Eric to direct an ensemble in his own music, showing again how he had his own voice and ideas. This music could be related to many other people's efforts, but remains clearly Eric's vision, almost sentimental but profound and angry. He uses an alto sound here that is unlike anywhere else. Truly a mountain of creativity.
Eric Dolphy (as). 479. Love Me [3:22]
480. Love Me [3:40]
481. Love Me [2:27]
Also on "Conversations".

MMEX-159 has the 3:40 Love Me, Musical Prophet has the 2:27 take.

To summarize the releases of these sessions:

Fred Miles FM-308, "Conversations" is equivalent to VeeJay VJLP2503, Fontant (C)688.521ZL, Exodus EX6005, Joy (E)JOYS116 ("The Eric Dolphy Memorial Album"), DJM(E)22041, Epitaph E-4010, Affinity (E)AFF47, Trip TLP5012, Teichiku (J)KUX-53, ULS-1655, RCA (VeeJay) (J)RJL-2662, RJL-6003, Celluloid CELL-5014, Restless 7 72660, Le Jazz CD14.
Douglas SD785, "Iron Man", is equivalent to Douglas 15, Douglas KZ30.873, CBS-Sony/Epic (J)ECPM-91, Douglas/Epic (J)53028, Douglas (F)500.003, Celluloid CELL5015, Metronome 72659, WestWind 2057.
Both of these were put together on DLP6002/3, "Jitterbug Waltz".
Alone Together, Music Matador, Jitterbug Waltz, and Love Me are on I grandi del Jazz (I)GdJ77. Music Matador and Jitterbug Waltz are on Everest/Archive of Folk and Jazz Music FS-227, Mode Disques (F)CMDEVR9642, I grandi del Jazz (I)VDS325. Jitterbug is on Harlem Hit Parade HHP-5002, Murray Hill 927942. Love Me is on VeeJay VJS2501, Joy (E)JOYS203. Iron Man can be heard on the soundtrack of the film "Dynamite Chicken" by Ernie Pintoff. Thanks to Reichardt for his extensive research into these great but mistreated sessions.

Magnificent! My favorite unaccompanied performances.