Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy/Donald Byrd 11 June 1964 Unknown radio studio, Paris Eric Dolphy (as,bcl); Donald Byrd (tr); Nathan Davis (ts); Jack Diéval (pno); Jacques Hess (bass); Franco Manzecchi (dr); Jacky Bambou (congas). 587. Springtime [19:20] (bcl)
588. 245 [10:05] (as)
589. GW [6:10] (as)
590. Serene [7:58] (bcl)
591. Ode to Charlie Parker [5:39] (fl)
592. Naima [14:31] (bcl)
"Unrealized Tapes", West Wind 016, CD 2016, and "Naima", a West Wind CD 2063. Some of this is on Jazzway Mutt 1502. There are apparently many hours of recordings with these people from Paris, according to Nathan Davis. Reichardt (p. 66) notes: "Graham Lock in an article on Nathan Davis (The Wire, No. 22, December 1985): 'These tapes still exist and are in the possession of Jacques Diéval, the French pianist who produced these sessions. Nathan told me that Donald Byrd had persuaded firstly Blue Note, then Columbia, to try and obtain the tapes, but on each occasion Diéval had apparently refused to release the Dolphy tapes unless the record company agreed to issue several of his own tapes too. What a stinker!'" This may, however, refer to recordings by Davis and others without Dolphy.
Springtime is a brooding autumnal composition with lots of space for emotion.