Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Ornette Coleman Double Quartet 21 December 1960 A&R Studios, New York City Ornette Coleman (as); Eric Dolphy (bcl); Don Cherry (pocket tpt); Freddie Hubbard (tpt); Charlie Haden, Scott LaFaro (bass); Billy Higgins, Ed Blackwell (dr) 197. First Take (bcl) 17:00
198. Free Jazz (bcl) 36:23
The main recording is on Atlantic SD1364, "Free Jazz". The first take is on Atlantic 1588, "Twins", which is a compilation of great Ornette stuff, including Check Up, one of my favorite tunes. The Atlantic CD version (AT813472) of Free Jazz includes both takes. Also on (E)K50240, (F)40232, 412.008, (EU)ATL50240, (J)P-6095A, P-7511, (E)K40278, 60043, (J)P-8165, SD8810. Ornette plays on all of this. A noted classic, this runs from tremendously exciting to refreshing.