Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy Quintet 7 October 1962 Gaslight Inn, Queens NY Eric Dolphy (as,bcl,fl); Ed Armour (flh); Herbie Hancock (pno); Richard Davis (bass); Andrew Bateman (dr); Joe Carroll (vcl). 406. Miss Ann (as)
407. Left Alone (fl)
408. GW (as)
409. Oh Lady Be Good
410. 245 (as)
411. I Got Rhythm (bcl)
Ingo 14, "Live at Gaslight Inn". Also Unique Jazz UJ-10. Simosko and Hery say UJ-26 has an I Got Rhythm featuring an excruciating Joe Carroll vocal and Eric on bass clarinet. Also on Stash (J)CEJC00110, ECC00101. Issued in Japan in 2013 on Timespan MMEX-153-CD by Mitsuo Johfu's Marshmallow Records, on a compilation that also includes the Copenhagen tracks from September 1961, the Mingus Story of Love, and Moods at Dusk. This is a nice unprofessional live recording.