Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
George Russell Sextet 8 May 1961 Plaza Sound Studios, New York City Don Ellis (tpt); Dave Baker (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as,bcl); George Russell (pno); Steve Swallow (bass); Joe Hunt (dr) 239. Ezz-Thetic (as) 8:57
240. Nardis (bcl) 4:34
241. Lydiot (as) 8:06
242. Thoughts (bcl) 5:26
243. Honesty (as) 8:55
244. Round Midnight (as) 6:29
245. Kige's Tune (as) 6:44
246. Kige's Tune (as) 5:42
Riverside RLP-375, RS-3043 (3 of these tunes), "Ezz-thetic". Also OJC-070, and part of "Outer Thoughts", Milestone M-47027, a 1975 LP (thanks to Todd Poynor). Released on (F)68.943, (I)OM2001, (J)VIJ-131, (J)SMJ-6112, (I)HB6142, RLP(S9)3522, Boplicity (E)BPOM12. Kige's Tune was released in September 2007 on Keepnews Collection Concord 0888072301887 in two takes (take 2 and take 5). Nice stuff, and Round Midnight burns, all the thousands of times I hear this great composition and try to play it, Eric whipping through this version bounces around in my head. Definitive.