Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy Group 3 or 4 and 5 September 1961 Stockholm Sweden Eric Dolphy (fl,bcl,as); Idrees Sulieman (tr); Knud Jörgenson (pno); Rune Öfwerman (pno); Jimmy Woode (bass); Sture Kallin (dr)

303. Les (as) 3:58
304. Serene (bcl) 12:00
305. Don't Blame Me (fl) 12:07
306. Left Alone (fl) 5:19
307. Miss Ann (as) 4:11
308. Serene (bcl) 7:40
309. God Bless the Child (bcl) 5:26
310. GW (as) 6:00
Inner City 3007, "Stockholm Sessions". These were radio and TV broadcasts. Also on Enja(G)3055, Enja/Musica Jazz(I)SPE1, K32Y6180, 15MJ9051 and 28MJ3017 in Japan, ENJ1009, and a Rhino-distributed release from 1988, RH or R2 79647, with another take of Serene. There was a radio broadcast from either the 3rd or 4th probably that included the longer Serene, Don't Blame Me, and the very uptempo Les (with Jörgenson and without Sulieman); and a TV broadcast with Öfwerman from the 5th that included Left Alone, Miss Ann, Serene, God Bless the Child, and GW. Thanks to Raben for straightening this out. Other dates that have been given for these sessions probably represent broadcast dates.
My appreciation of this music was definitely increased when I got the video (called Eric in Town, or Eric I Sta'n), which shows how they moved from one piece to the next with no breaks, in an incredibly serene and serious atmosphere given the studio setting.