Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Gunther Schuller and his Orchestra 20 December 1960 New York City Eric Dolphy (fl,bcl,as); Robert DiDomenica (fl); Jim Hall (gtr); Eddie Costa (vib); Bill Evans (pno); Scott LaFaro (bass); George Duvivier (bass); Sticks Evans (dr); Contemporary String Quartet: Charles Libove, Roland Vamos (vln); Harry Zaratzian (vla); Joseph Tekula (cel); and Ornette Coleman (as) 187. Variants on a Theme of John Lewis (Django) (fl) 10:15
188. Variants on a Theme of Thelonious Monk (Criss-Cross) (fl,bcl) 15:23
Atlantic SD1365, "Jazz Abstractions". Also on (F)587.043, 588.043. This is dedicated to LaFaro, who was killed soon after this date. Ornette plays on the Monk one only. Gunther Schuller does everything else here. Interesting, somewhat dense music, some cool lines by the stars.