Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Sextet of Orchestra U.S.A. 10 January 1964 NYC Nick Travis (tpt); Mike Zwerin (btpt); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); John Lewis (pno,arr,dir); Richard Davis (bass); Connie Kay (dr). 490. Alabama Song (bcl)
491. Havana Song
492. As You Make Your Bed (as)
"Mack the Knife and other Berlin Theatre Songs of Kurt Weill", RCA Victor 3498, according to S&T and Swing Journal. Also RCA Bluebird 62852-RB (CD) "The Theater Music of Kurt Weill". Also on (F)PL42413, 430.7305, (J)PG-125, RGP-1060, RJL-2527, ND 86285. Alabama Song is on (F)PM45.350. Simosko says this is a stiff session. I'd agree, but it is interesting and Dolphy plays beautifully.