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Charles Mingus and his Orchestra 12 October 1962 Town Hall, New York City Lonnie Hillyer, Snooky Young, Rolf Ericson, Ernie Royal, Eddie Armour, Clark Terry, Richard Williams (tpt); Britt Woodman, Jimmy Cleveland, Willie Dennis, Quentin Jackson, Paul Faulise, Eddie Bert (tbn); Don Butterfield (tuba); Charlie Mariano, Charles McPherson (as); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); John "Zoot" Sims, Booker Ervin (ts); Buddy Collette (ts,fl); Dick Hafer (ts,fl,cl); Jerome Richardson (ss,oboe,fl,bars); Pepper Adams (bars); possibly Fess Williams (cl); Theodore "Teddy Charles" Cohen (vib); Jaki Byard, Toshiko Mariano (pno); Milt Hinton (bass); Charles Mingus (bass,comp,dir,narrator); Les Spann (gtr); probably Osie Johnson (dr); Dannie Richmond (dr,tympani); Bob Hammer and Melba Liston (arr,cond)
406. Osmosis [2:47]
407. Epitaph [7:00]
408. Part Two [3:11]
409. Part One Alternate [7:22]
410. Freedom Part One [3:45]
411. Freedom Part Two [3:11]
412. Peggy's Discovery [5:17]
413. Portrait [4:31]
414. Duke's Choice [5:09]
415. Please Don't Come Back From The Moon [7:22]
416. My Searach [8:06]
417. Finale [8:18]

United Artists UAJS-15024, "Town Hall Concert" according to S&T and Swing Journal. Now available in a reconstructed form as a Blue Note CD (Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28353 2 5).
Other releases: UAJ14024, UA8022, UA270002, UA670002, (E)ULP1068, (F)UA38022, (G)UA669012, (G)SS18024K, SS18024, (J)K18P9225, (J)LBJ60064, (NL)5C038-60106, (EU)BNS40034.


This is the legendary fiasco where Mingus tried to record his own music with a full orchestra. According to Priestly's Mingus biography and general knowledge, Knepper is not actually on this album; this was the time Knepper and Mingus had a fight (OK, one of the times), and Mingus punched out Knepper resulting in broken teeth; Knepper apparently could never play properly after that (having lost his embouchre and an octave in his range) and later sued Mingus. This would have happened during the rehearsals. Thanks to Bill Hery for these memories. But of course Knepper played a lot after this, including lots of dates with Mingus.

Very nice job, not a lot of Eric, but an important historical document and fun to hear. It does include another conversation (736K mu-law) between Dolphy and Mingus. Eric is featured in Epitaph (Part One).

Here is the track list on the Blue Note CD (via Esa's listing):

The Complete Town Hall Concert

1994 Capitol Records Inc. (Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28353 2 5)

1. Freedom - Part One (3:45)

2. Freedom - Part Two (aka Clark In The Dark) (3:11)

3. Osmotin' (2:47)

4. Epitaph - Part One (7:00)

5. Peggy's Blue Skylight (5:17)

6. Epitaph - Part Two (5:08)

7. My Search (8:06)

8. Portrait (4:31)

9. Duke's Choice (aka Don't Come Back) (5:09)

10. Please Don't Come Back From The Moon (7:22)

11. In A Mellotone (aka Finale) (8:18) (Ellington)

12. Epitaph - Part One (alternate take) (7:22)

Total time 68:32