Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Charles Mingus Quintet 26 April 1964 Wuppertal, Germany Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Clifford Jordan (ts); Jaki Byard (pno); Charles Mingus (bass,comp,arr); Dannie Richmond (dr). 566. Fables of Faubus [35:06] (bcl)
567. Starting [7:23] (fl)
568. Orange was the colour of her dress then blue silk [17:00] (bcl)
569. Charlemagne [11:32] (as)
570. So Long Eric [22:51] (as)
571. Meditations [22:34] (bcl,fl)
"Mingus in Europe Vols. I and II", Enja 3049 (Fables and Starting) and 3077 (Orange, Peggy's, AT-FW-YOU and Sophisticated Lady). On CD, Enja R2-79612 has So Long Eric and the material on Vol II of the LPs. CD3049-45 and CD3077-38 are identical to the LPs except for a Meditations on CD3049-45 as well.
Other releases include Phonogram/Enja (J)28MJ3002, Amigo (S)AMLP-833 which are equivalent to 3049, and Phonogram/Enja (J)28MJ3068 which is 3077. Orange is also on Jazz Masterworks (I)CJZLP10, "Charles Mingus - Mingus & Duke". Some Enjas apparently mistitle So Long Eric as Goodbye Pork Pie Hat!
Charlemagne is Peggy's Blue Skylight. Somebody claims Clifford actually called it Charlie Ming rather than Charlemagne, but that doesn't make sense to me, since Mingus did not like 'Charlie' and would presumably have appreciated the humorous inflation of "Charlemagne". That's what his announcement sounds like, as well, though his articulation is not the king's english. Starting is I Can't Get Started.
This Fables is tremendous, with fairly inaudible vocals but a great Jordan solo right into the mike, and ripping bass clarinet work at the end for the last 10 minutes, including an extensive bass-bass clarinet conversation that Eric fashions into his own statement. There were also performances of ATFWYOUUSA and Sophisticated Lady without Eric.