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Charles Mingus and his Orchestra 20 September 1963 NYC Eddie Preston, Richard Williams (tpt); Britt Woodman (tbn); Don Butterfield (tuba); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Dick Hafer (ts,fl,cl); Booker Ervin (ts); Jerome Richardson (ss,bars,fl); Jaki Byard (pno); Charles Mingus (bass,comp,dir); Walter Perkins (dr); Bob Hammer (arr,cond). 482. II BS [4:48]
483. Mood Indigo [4:46]
484. Theme for Lester Young [5:54]
485. Hora Decubitus [4:42](as)
486. Freedom [5:11]
487. Take the A Train
All but Freedom are on "Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus", Impulse A-54, and MCAD-39119 with Freedom on "The Definitive Jazz Scene", Impulse A-99. All charts also on Impulse AS-9234-2, "Reevaluation: the Impulse Years". Take the A Train is unissued.
Other issues: IMPL5010, HMV (E)CLP1742, CSD1545, (E)IMPL8033, (I)IMP436, (J)YP-8541, (J)VIM-5546, (J)P-5923, Jasmine (E)JAS36, MCA2-4128, HMV (E)CLP1798, EMI-Columbia (G)1C052-90806, Philips (G)843503BY, (G)632092BL, (J)YP-8501, QJ-25171, ASD-9228-3, P6-11891, FM-028, ASY-9284-3, (G)SHZE814, AS-9285-2, (EU)240717.
Nice Mingus music, Eric doesn't solo much except on Hora Decubitus where he really whips the alto out.