Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy Quartet 1 December 1961

Munich Germany

Eric Dolphy (bcl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Mel Lewis (dr)

380. Green Dolphin Street 23:27
381. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise 14:42

382. The Way You Look Tonight 11:39
383. Oleo 18:01

Jazz Connoisseur JC107, an apparently very rare bootleg with little information that I know, and the information that is on it is wrong. This was not listed in S&T or Swing. Simosko has cleared it up for me. He gave me the place and date, saying it was recorded between concerts on the tour with Coltrane and Dizzy's groups. On JC107 they list Lalo Schifrin as pianist, and B. Cunningham on bass, but Simosko gives the above. Oleo is not on JC107, but is on Unique Jazz UJ-26 "3 Dolphy Groups" according to Simosko and Hery. I now have this, with Oleo, on Natasha Imports NI-4001, a CD titled Eric Dolphy Quartet: Softly, as in a morning sunrise. It gives the date as 2 Dec. Also released on Magnetic Records (MRCD 130), Jazz Anthology (F)JA5234, Stash CECC00095, and (J)CEJC00104. Raben lists Schifrin and Cunningham on Oleo. Near the beginning of Eric's unusual solo on Oleo you can hear a tape splice. I presume these recordings were transcribed from a radio broadcast.

Not too bad, but not a great recording, some fades and lousy miking, great music. Green Dolphin Street is extended, 23 minutes worth. McCoy plays more than Eric on this record though. He takes off as usual on The Way You Look Tonight, but on bass clarinet, as Lewis slams the cymbals.

Fujioka says that Elvin left his passport in Hamburg on 25 November, and Lewis filled in for him with the Coltrane quintet in Copenhagen on the 26th. But that probably isn't related to Lewis playing on this date rather than Elvin. The quintet, with Elvin, played in Munich on 1 December.