Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
John Coltrane Combo 25 May 1961 A&R Studios, New York City Freddie Hubbard (tpt); John Coltrane (ss,ts); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Art Davis, Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr) 252. Olé (fl) 18:05
253. Dahomey dance (as) 10:50
254. Aisha (as) 7:32
255. Original Untitled Ballad (To Her Ladyship) (fl) 8:54
Atlantic SD1373, "Olé Coltrane". The last tune is not on this album, but is on Atlantic SD1553, "The Coltrane Legacy". The CD reissue (1373-2) of Olé includes To Her Ladyship, credited to Eric (though elsewhere the composer is given as Frazier), with Eric playing flute. This is the same as the untitled piece. The working title for Olé was Venga Vallejo, the Spanish folksong this was based on. Alternate takes may exist for all titles! Other releases include Lon(E)LTZ-K15239, Lon(E)SAH-K6223, Atl(F)332 048, Atl(F,G)40 286, Atl(J)MJ7041, Atl(J)P6052, Atl(J)P7507A, WEA(G)240716-1S, Atl SD2-313, Atl(C)59023, i grandi del Jazz(I)GdJ-10, Exe(J)EX2017, Atl(I)2K60009, Atl(J)30XD1002, Atl 7567-81349-2, Atl(J)AMCY1007, Atl(J)FCPA1061.