Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Bob James Trio and Once Brass Ensemble 1 and/or 2 March 1964 Basement of VFW Hall and WUOM Studio, Ann Arbor, MI Bob James (pno); Ron Brooks (bass); Bob Pozar (dr); Eric Dolphy (fl, as, bcl); Once Brass Ensemble, unknown personnel, probably 8 french horns. 501. Strength with Unity Released on the CD Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz - 2004 - Dedicated to Eric Dolphy. Performed at the Once Festival concert on 1 March, as discussed in Ralf Dietrich's article, was Strength and Unity, a Dolphy piece for alto saxophone and 8 french horns along with the piano trio. The composition is in 5/4, with an AABA form, with an introduction, theme chorus, Dolphy solo, James solo, refrain, and out chorus. There is applause after Dolphy's solo, so it seems likely that it was recorded at the Once Festival performance on the 1st, at what is now Seva Restaurant on Liberty St. Dietrich says that University of Michigan wind professor Louis Stout rehearsed the french horns, and that "there was neither time nor money for more than one rehearsal." This piece was performed for probably the second time on 25 March 2000 in Pescara Italy by Gunther Schuller, Gianluigi Trovesi, and Paolo Ravaglia, among others, in an event produced by Marcello Piras. The Pescara concert also premiered Love Suite, an unfinished Dolphy composition, and they performed Miss Movement, Mandrake, God Bless the Child, Serene, and Red Planet. Thanks to Stefano Zenni and Ed Beuker for this information.

Bob James (pno); Ron Brooks (bass); Bob Pozar (dr); Eric Dolphy (fl, as, bcl); David Schwartz (counter-tenor). 502. A Personal Statement [15:20](as,bcl,fl)
503. A Personal Statement [15:02](as,bcl,fl)
This Bob James composition was released as Jim Crow on Blue Note BT-85131 and CDP48041, (J)CP32-5346, "Other Aspects". The alternate take is on Musical Prophet. This is a beautiful, deeply felt, and highly advanced work that was originally credited to Dolphy. Hale Smith had a tape of this that he passed along to James Newton, and they didn't know its origin. Presumably, Dolphy taped it himself at this Once Festival performance and gave the tape to Smith, or he got a copy from the radio station where they recorded it the next day. Details about this can be found in an article by Ralf Dietrich, who did the research that led to our finding out about this, thanks to Piotr Michalowski. See Dietrich's letter for the realization that this performance is what was issued on Other Aspects.