Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Booker Little and his Sextet 17 March 1961 Nola Penthouse Sound Studios, New York City Booker Little (tpt); Julian Priester (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Don Friedman (pno); Art Davis (bass); Max Roach (dr,tympani) 228. We Speak (as) 6:41
229. Quiet, Please (as) 8:00
230. Quiet, Please (as) 8:09
231. A New Day 5:23
Candid CJM8027/CJS9027, "Out Front", with below. An alternate take of Quiet, Please appears on CCD 79033.
  4 April 1961   Booker Little (tpt); Julian Priester (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Don Friedman (pno); Ron Carter (bass); Max Roach (dr,tympani) 232. Strength and Sanity 6:39
233. Strength and Sanity 5:59
234. Moods in Free Time (as) 5:34
233. Man of Words 4:44
235. Hazy Hues (as) 5:42
236. Hazy Hues (as) 6:32
Candid CJM8027/9027, "Out Front", with above. I had previously stated: "Also reissued on Candid 30009, with alternate take of Strength and Sanity." I don't know where I got that information, which doesn't seem to be correct as far as I can tell. Instead, I only see Reichardt's listing of this alternate on Candid (J) 32JDC-106, a CD titled Out Front + 1, with a timing given of 5:59. CD reissue is Candid 79027. There is an alternate take of Hazy Hues on CCD 79033. Moods in Free Time also appears on 79033. Other releases include (F)CANF6002, (J)SOPC-57004, (J)SMJ-6170, BR5019, New World Records NW275 (a compilation called Introspection that has We Speak and Strength and Sanity).

This is Booker. It couldn't be better, but I guess Eric could play more. But no complaints.

This version of the alternate Strength and Sanity is incomplete.