Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy Quartet 15 August 1960 Englewood Cliffs NJ Eric Dolphy (as,cl,bcl,fl); Ron Carter (cel); George Duvivier (bass); Roy Haynes (dr) 139. Out There (as) 6:52
140. Serene (bcl) 7:00
141. The Baron (bcl) 2:54
142. Eclipse (cl) 2:47
143. 17 West (fl) 4:50
144. Sketch of Melba (fl) 4:40
145. Feather (as) 5:00
New Jazz NJLP8252, "Out There". Also on Prestige 24008, with "Outward Bound", see above. Rereleased by OJC with original cover art by The Prophet: OJC 023-2 (LP, CD). Eclipse and Feather are also included on the compilation MPP2517 with other tracks mentioned above and below. Other releases: Esquire 32-153, Xtra 5054, FCD60.022, PRP1, Fantasy (F)FCD60022, Fonit Centra (I)DPU25, PR7652, (J)SMJ7563, LPJ80039, VICJ23635, Bellaphon (G)BJS40142, BLST6518, VIJ4034, Fonit Centra (I)HBS6157, SMJ-6567, (F)68.320, (I)HB6062. Feather is on the compilation OJCX008. All of this is included in the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182. Feather is a Hale Smith composition.