Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy Quintet 1 April 1960 Englewod Cliffs NJ Freddie Hubbard (tpt); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Jaki Byard (pno); George Tucker (bass); Roy Haynes (dr)
98. GW (as) 12:07
99. GW (as) 7:55
100. 245 (as) 8:08
101. 245 (as) 6:47
102. Green Dolphin Street (bcl) 5:42
103. Glad to be Unhappy (fl) 5:41
104. Les (as) 5:11
105. Miss Toni (bcl) 5:40
106. April Fool (fl) 4:07
New Jazz NJLP8236, Metronome MEP9039 - a single with GW and 245, thanks to TP Uschanov for this information -, Transatlantic TRA-SAM-3. It is the first record of the two record set titled simply "Eric Dolphy", Prestige 24008. It has more recently been released in the Original Jazz Classic series, with the original cover art by Richard "The Prophet" Jennings, OJC022-2 (LP and CD). The alternate longer takes of G.W. and 245 appear on Prestige MPP2517, a compilation CD with other tracks noted below, and on the Japanese VVICJ-23634. The tune April Fool is found elsewhere in some cases, for instance on "Here and There", Prestige 7382. Other releases include PR7311, Esquire 32-123, BelAir 331.006, VDJ1653, VDJ1594, OJC CD673-2, OJC CD1203-2, FCD 60.022, MEP 9039, SMJ6514, SMJ7432, LPJ80011, VIJ247, VICJ23634, Voix de son Maitre FELP10019, Bellaphon BJS40103, BLST6518, Fonit Cetra OM2033, VIJ4034, Fonit Cetra HBS6157, SMJ-6578, P-24070, 68.326, HB6044, PPR076, 68.320, HB6062, DPU 25, VICJ-2220 (20-bit remastered Japanese issue). The shorter GW is also on OJCX008. All of this is included in the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182. Eric's first date as a leader, mostly known as "Outward Bound". Hubbard lays out on the flute tracks. Eric's sound in this session seems big and broad to me, with a lot of reverb.