Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Charles Mingus and his Orchestra 24 May 1960 New York City Marcus Belgrave, Ted Curson, Hobart Dotson, Clark Terry, Richard Williams (tpt); Eddie Bert, Charles Greenlee, Locksley "Slide" Hampton, Jimmy Knepper (tbn); Don Butterfield (tuba); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); John LaPorta (as,cl); Yusef Lateef (ts,fl); Robert DiDomenica (fl); Bill Barron, Joe Farrell (ts); Danny Bank (bars); Harry Shulman (oboe); Roland Hanna (pno); Charles McCracken (cel); Charles Mingus (bass,comp,arr); Dannie Richmond (dr); "Sticks" Evans, George Scott, Max Roach (perc); Gunther Schuller (cond)
110. Half-Mast Inhibition
111. Mingus Fingus Number Two
112. Bemoanable Lady (as)
113. Yusef Isef Too (not in my collection)
Mercury MG20627/SR60627, Limelight SR-86015, with session below. Bill Hery notes: Original Mercury release titled Pre-Bird, referring to the fact that Mingus had conceived of (or actually composed) all the music as a teenager before he heard Bird. Reichardt lists an unissued Portrait as well. Other reissues are Trip TLP 5513, Emarcy 826496-2, LM82015, LML4009, Fontana FJL115, SMWL21056, 10021MCE, MCE126016, JCL683265, JCY883265, Limelight (J)1015, (NL)200.009LMY, Amiga (DDR)855496, Mercury (EU)6338281, (F)12513MCL, (NL)6336321, (NL)134645MFY, (J)SFX-10545, BT-5309, EVER-1015, 18PJ2025/EXPR-1015.