Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy Quintet with Ree Dragonette 20 November 1962 Town Hall, New York City Eric Dolphy (as, bcl, fl, cl); Edward Armour (flh); Richard Davis (b); Herbie Hancock (p); JC Moses (dr); Ree Dragonette (poetry) 418. South Street Exit (fl) 15:31
419. Something Sweet Something Tender (bcl) 8:48
420. GW (as) 17:16
421. To Tonio, Dead (fl) 2:16
422. Like Pharao's Eye, Like Onyx Stone (bcl)
423. The Madrig Sleeps the Panthers Walk (as) 5:53
424. Song for the Ram's Horn (cl) 5:44
unissued The quintet performed, followed by recitations by Dragonette, an intermission, then Dragonette read, and then she alternated with the quintet. She doesn't perform simultaneously with them, however. This GW is excellent, though marred by a glitch at the end of Dolphy's solo. The duet (To Tonio, Dead) is certainly interesting, and the final piece, Song for the Ram's Horn, is a definite find, based largely on a 5-note theme. Nice to have another soprano clarinet performance as well. Like Pharao's Eye, Like Onyx Stone was an early public performance of Hat and Beard, based on one of Dragonette's poems that mentioned Monk.