The following text was provided by Paul Karting.

ERIC DOLPHY interview Amsterdam April 10/11 1964 after midnight.

After the concert on Friday-evening April 10 1964, of the Charles Mingus sextet in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, it was already Saturday-morning, Dutch radio-producer, Michiel de Ruyter, (you can call him the Dutch Leonard Feather) had an interview with Eric Dolphy, special for VARA's fortnightly radio program "Radio Jazzmagazine", a program produced by Michiel de Ruyter, Kees Schoonenberg and Aad Bos.
From the private archive of co-producer Aad Bos, we have the privilege to give you the complete text of the interview, that night. It was broadcast 11 days later, on April 22 1964 by the VARA broadcasting corporation, a company in the Dutch Public Radio Association.

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