These were taken by Nicole, for the most part.


Portrait of everybody

Another version

On bima:

Simone and Martine

Everybody on bima

Another shot

Alan and Martine

Alan and Martine reading

Martine and Shirley with Torah

Alan and Martine with Torah

Alan and Martine holding Torah

Immediate family

Us again

Simone and Martine smiling

Simone, Martine, and Nicole

Malke and Martine

At luncheon:

Bria and Sam

The Murrays

Nicole and Bria

Bria and Martine

Gloria with granddaughter

Gloria and others

Gloria and Cailin

Gloria and Nicole

Gloria, Nicole, Martine

Shirley and Simone

Sarah and Sam

Sarah, Nicole, Simone

Jean, Ruth, Gertie

Terence and Harpo

Wes, Sam, Becky

Simone and Nicole

Simone and Nicole



Angela and others

Angela and all

At Wendys the day before:


Bria and Nicole

Martine with Wendy

Turtle, Cousins, Bria

Family posing

Wendy sitting by tree

Martine in front of house

Simone in tree

Simone up a tree

Simone in tree still

Simone still in tree

Bria and Nicole

Bria and Michael

People in front yard


The grandmothers


A patriotic bunch


At party at park


Shirley, Gloria, Mary Lou, Mary

Mother and 3 girls

Closeup of Shirley

Sarah and Sam

Sarah and Sam again


At ballgame the next day:

Eli Wenger

Eli Wenger

Eli Wenger

Eli Wenger and Randi Waltuck

Simone and Sarah

Shirley, Lynn, and Joe

Sam and Shirley

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