Second part of Ágnes Szegõ's photos of Tiszafured

Map of Heves - Tiszafured (T. Fured) is located in the eastern end of this map, with Budapest off to the west

Kalman Horvath, Hungarian officer, he saved the Jewish men from forced labor

David Klein

Laszlo Tisza – world famous scientist, his father was born in Tiszafured. He is an emeritus professor on the MIT. He is 98 years old.

Laszlo Tisza’s parents. His father had an excellent paper and bookshop in Budapest.

Jeno Lebovits, merchant, and his family before their bakery.

On the main street there were a lot of Jewish shops

Ignac Flamm’s water mill

Ignac Piliczer, innkeeper.

The pupils of the Jewish Grammar School in 1922. In the middle is Jozsef Lowinger, the leader of the school.

Dr. Ignac Menczer got this silver reciept on his 50th anniversary of his working in Tiszafüred, from his patients. (1852-1902)

Mukedvelo eloadás

Gabor and Gyula Weiszmann in the Fist World War

This tablet stood in the second synagogue

Rabbi Strasser’s page in the Chevra book.

The second synagogue today. (terrible)

On the left side – Salamon Rubinstein, seller, 1829-1917, before of him is his wife, and the Family Ungar, they were peasant Jews, sellers, too. They had lived near to Fured, on Tiszaigar, Nagyivan, the wedding photo was made in 1906, in Karcag.

Bela Goldmann and Rozsi Funk’s wedding in the thirties.

Dr. Dezso Weinberger lawyer and his family

Gaspar Weisz, landowner, Jakab Blau’s son-in-law, journalist.

Jozsef Weiszmann’s family in 1916.