Samples from Interview with the Dolphys

The whole thing is now on YouTube and Vimeo.

Sound Samples

Mu-law compressed AU files sampled at 8 KHz (except when noted)
SpeakerSummary SizeLink to transcript
Sadie Making money296 KB (22kHz) "His best years was with Chico Hamilton."
Sadie and EricHe practiced harder!RealAudio "Did he ever get discouraged?"
Sadie avant garde leaningsRealAudio "Longhair type."
Eric and Sadie Peace, LoveRealAudio "Sending out a message."
Sadie and Eric Can't hurt those hands152 KB "Any other jobs?"
Sadie and Eric Practicing856 KB "Advice he'd give"
Sadie and Eric One Note696 KB (22kHz) "It's got to be right."
Sadie Forehead bumpRealAudio "He was very comical about it."
Eric and Sadie If he were alive but not well312 KB (22kHz) "he'd be a very disagreeable fellow."
Eric and Sadie Copied the birdsRealAudio "those birds knew he was copying them."
Sadie Helping others488 KB "Give them his job."
Sadie and Eric BitternessRealAudio "We are people that are used to struggling."

Video Samples

Quicktime movies
Do-Good2512 KBEric's personality
In Europe3584 KBVoices over still of Eric with others (who are they?)
One note3808 KBGreat comments by Eric Sr.
Transcribing2952 KBSadie over photo of Mingus quartet
Copy the birds5104 KBShot of portrait of Eric playing clarinet