Here are links to photos sent by Paul Karting. These are from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and were taken by Henk Visser (to whom copyright belongs, contact Paul Karting) on 10 April 1964.

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Clifford Jordan at piano in dressing room.

John Coles in dressing room.

Another shot of John Coles in front of mirror.

Coles and Byard on sofa.

Mingus talking.

Mingus lighting up.

Mingus writing.

Another shot of Mingus writing.

Mingus talking.

Mingus smiling.

Dolphy playing flute, Mingus in background.

On stage, Coles and Mingus and Richmond.

On stage, Jordan, Mingus, Richmond, with Dolphy and Coles at side.

Text of the interview Michiel de Ruyter did with Eric Dolphy following the Charles Mingus Sextet's concert at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, April 10 1964.

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