Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy Groups 10 March 1962 Syracuse NY Eric Dolphy (bcl), Barry Galbraith (gtr), Chuck Israels (b), Art Davis (b), Sticks Evans (dr) 386. Night Music [3:50] Vintage Dolphy (GM 3005CD). GM is a small label from Boston that was run by Gunther Schuller and his son George. See below for more from this CD. Simosko originally claimed this was from the 1963 concert described below. However, GM released a 2nd edition of this CD (with the same number), confirming the Night Music date and adding the following performance from this concert.
      Eric Dolphy (as, fl, bcl); Eddie Costa (vib, pno); Barry Galbraith (gtr); Chuck Israels, Art Davis (b); Sticks Evans (dr); John Oberbrunner (fl); Louis Krasner, Adrienne Galimir (vln); Joan Mulfinger (vla); George Mulfinger Jr. (cel). Variants on a Theme by Thelonius Monk:

387. Introduction and Theme [1:14]

388. Variant I [5:33]

389. Variant II [2:05]

390. Variant III [5:22]

391. Variant IV[2:38]

  This piece was also recorded on 20 December 1960 with Ornette Coleman. It includes an introduction and four variants. Variant III includes a bass/bass clarinet conversation.
Gunther Schuller ensembles 14 March 1963
Carnegie Hall, New York City Eric Dolphy (cl), Gloria Agostina (harp), Warren Chiasson (vibes), Richard Davis (bass). 444. Densities Vintage Dolphy (GM 3005CD), (J)20PJ10058, 32JD10058, Enja (G)LP5045, 5045-2. See March 10 1962 as well.  
      Eric Dolphy (as); Mathew Raimondi, Lewis Kaplan (violin); Samuel Rhodes (viola); Michael Rudiakov (cello); Jim Hall (g); Richard Davis, Barre Phillips (bass); Sticks Evans (dr) 445. Abstraction    
Eric Dolphy Quartet and All-Stars 18 March 1963
Carnegie Hall, New York City Eric Dolphy (as, bcl, fl); Edward Armour (tpt); Richard Davis (b); J. C. Moses (dr). 446. Half Note Triplets (bcl)
447. Ode To Charlie Parker (fl)
448. Iron Man (as)
Vintage Dolphy (GM 3005CD), (J)20PJ10058, 32JD10058, Enja (G)LP5045, 5045-2.
      Phil Woods (as), Nick Travis (tpt), Benny Golson (ts), Jimmy Knepper (tbn), Don Ellis (tpt), Jim Hall (g), Eric Dolphy (as), Lalo Schifrin (p), Barre Phillips (b), Charles Persip (dr) 449. Donna Lee (as)