Prime New York Recordings

Gunther Schuller, Ornette Coleman, Booker Little, Oliver Nelson, John Coltrane, Max Roach, others

November 1960 - 9 August 1961

Eric Dolphy
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Esoteric Sound, NYC, November 1960

Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Ron Carter (bass on Dolphy-N, Triple Mix)

Dolphy-N [6:53] (as), Inner Flight #1 [4:11] (fl), Inner Flight #2 [4:08] (fl), Triple Mix [9:01] (fl,bcl)

Blue Note BT-85131, "Other Aspects", see above and below for other tracks on this great album, also available on CD (CDP48041), and (J)CP32-5346. The Inner Flights are unaccompanied, I think the only such examples on record. Triple Mix is on Jazzway Mutt 1502, "Naima". Triple Mix has overdubbed flute, bass clarinet, and bass. These were recorded by Jerry Newman, and all titles were assigned posthumously by Hale Smith, who composed Dolphy-N. There is an unissued alternate take of Dolphy-N.

Gunther Schuller and his Orchestra
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Atlantic Studios, NYC, 20 December 1960

Eric Dolphy (fl,bcl,as); Robert DiDomenica (fl); Jim Hall (gtr); Eddie Costa (vib); Bill Evans (pno); Scott LaFaro (bass); George Duvivier (bass); Sticks Evans (dr); Contemporary String Quartet: Charles Libove, Roland Vamos (vln); Harry Zaratzian (vla); Joseph Tekula (cel); and Ornette Coleman (as).

Variants on a Theme of John Lewis (Django) [10:15] (fl), Variants on a Theme of Thelonious Monk (Criss- Cross) [15:23] (fl,bcl)

Ornette plays on the Monk one only. Gunther Schuller does everything else here. Interesting, somewhat dense music, some cool lines by the stars. This is Atlantic SD1365, "Jazz Abstractions". It is dedicated to LaFaro, who was killed soon after this date. Also on (F)587.043, 588.043.

Eric Dolphy-Booker Little Quintet
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Hackensack, NJ, 21 December 1960

Booker Little (tpt); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Jaki Byard (pno); Ron Carter (bass); Roy Haynes (dr).

Ode to Charlie Parker [8:00] (fl), Bird's Mother [8:45] (bcl), It's Magic [5:40] (bcl), Serene [6:38] (bcl), Miss Ann [4:15] (as), Far Cry [3:50] (as), Left Alone [6:40] (fl), Tenderly [4:15] (as)

Out in New Jersey Eric and Booker (for the first time) got together to record "Far Cry", Prestige PR7747 or New Jazz NJLP8270, and on the twofer PR24053 with "Where?". Serene was left off these albums, but was finally released on "Dash One", MPP2517. Available now as OJC 400-2 (LP, CD). The CD has the missing Serene on it, which is also on the Prestige compilation PR24046, "25 Years of Prestige". Also on the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182, (F)FCD60.022, (J)VIJ4034, Fonit Cetra (I)HBS6157, (J)VDJ1594, Franklin Mint 75#19, Musica Jazz (I)MJP1018, (J)VICJ23580, (J)SMJ6569, SMJ7555, VIJ228, VDJ1613, Esquire (E)32-193 (probably never issued), Bellaphon (G)BJS40156.
Far Cry is Out There. Bird's Mother is also known as Mrs. Parker of K.C. Booker doesn't play on Left Alone, Tenderly and It's Magic. Tenderly is an unaccompanied alto solo. I guess this day wasn't unusual for Eric, who played about 20 hours every day. He doesn't sound tired to me anywhere here.

Joe Hellerstein has samples and transcriptions of Eric's solos on Serene and Miss Ann on the World Wide Web. Click here to go to his Dolphy page.

and later that day, specifically 8 pm to 12:30 am (thanks to Reinhold Wendt for that info)...

Ornette Coleman Double Quartet
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A&R Studios, NYC, 21 December 1960

Ornette Coleman (as); Eric Dolphy (bcl); Don Cherry (pocket tpt); Freddie Hubbard (tpt); Charlie Haden, Scott LaFaro (bass); Billy Higgins, Ed Blackwell (dr).

First Take [17:00], Free Jazz [36:23]

Ornette plays on all of this. A noted classic, this runs from tremendously exciting to refreshing. The main recording is on Atlantic SD1364, "Free Jazz". The first take is on Atlantic 1588, "Twins", which is a compilation of great Ornette stuff, including Check Up, one of my favorite tunes. The Atlantic CD version (AT813472) of Free Jazz includes both takes. Also on (E)K50240, (F)40232, 412.008, (EU)ATL50240, (J)P-6095A, P-7511, (E)K40278, 60043, (J)P-8165, SD8810.

Latin Jazz Quintet with Eric Dolphy
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NYC, late 1960 or early 1961

Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Felipe Diaz (vib); Arthur Jenkins (pno); Bobby Rodriguez (bass); Tommy Lopez (conga); Louis Ramirez (timbales).

You're the Cutest One [3:12] (bcl), Speak Low [4:58] (fl), I Got Rhythm [2:38] (bcl), Night in Tunisia [3:52] (as), Chacha King [2:33] (fl), I Wish I Were in Love Again [3:08] (bcl), Lover [2:49] (fl), Mangolina [2:10] (fl), April Rain [6:33] (fl)

United Artists UAL4071/UAS5071. Not the same band as the earlier Latin Jazz session. The quintet also does You Don't Know What Love Is without Eric. ChaCha King is Danse Macabre.

Abbey Lincoln
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Nola Penthouse Studio, NYC, 22 February 1961

Abbey Lincoln (vcl); Booker Little (tpt); Julian Priester (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,picc,bcl); Coleman Hawkins, Walter Benton (ts); Mal Waldron (pno); Art Davis (bass); Max Roach (dr); Roger Sanders, Robert Whitley (conga).

Straight Ahead [5:15], When Malindy Sings [4:00], In the Red [8:23], Blue Monk [6:32], Left Alone [6:42], African Lady [3:42, 3:36], Retribution [3:45]

Candid CJM8015/CJS9015, 79015 on CD, "Straight Ahead", and an alternate take of African Lady on CCD 79033 (RealAudio sample of a bit of Hawkins' solo with Eric on piccolo in background). This is Lincoln and Hawkins' date, but there are some moments for Eric and Booker to back Lincoln very effectively. The piccolo on African Lady is interesting. This is easily my favorite version of Left Alone, the first version that really moved me. Also on KZ31037, (EU)S64655, (J)SOPC-57007, (J)SMJ-6190, JAZ5043, Candid 45-602, with Blue Monk on FM-008.

Oliver Nelson Sextet
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NYC, 23 February 1961

Freddie Hubbard (tpt); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Oliver Nelson (as,ts); George Barrow (bars); Bill Evans (pno); Paul Chambers (bass); Roy Haynes (dr).

Stolen Moments [8:45] (fl), Hoe-Down [4:43] (as), Cascades [5:30] (as), Yearnin' [6:20] (as), Butch and Butch [4:35] (as), Teenie's Blues [6:31] (as)

Impulse AS-5 and MCAD-5659, "The Blues and the Abstract Truth". At least one tune from this album is extremely popular. Nice band, interesting context for Eric, not his most memorable bunch of solos though. Other releases include HMV (E)CLP1528, CSD1422, (EU)IMPL8014, La Voce del Padrone (I)QEIP-8040, CSPQ-6263, (I)5027, MCA-29013, (J)YP-8501-AI, (J)VIM-4646, (J)VIM-5561, (J)VIM-5648, Jasmine (E)JAS20, IA-9335-2, MCA2-4148, Philips (G)P632061L, AS-9237-2, FM-034, Verve (EU)2615044, ASD-9228-3, ASY-9284-3, (NL)EPIM5543. Stolen Moments is on GRP11512.

Oliver Nelson Quintet
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Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1 March 1961

Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Oliver Nelson (as,ts,cl); Richard Wyands (pno); George Duvivier (bass); Roy Haynes (dr).

Images [5:45] (bcl), Six and Four [7:17] (as), Mama Lou [5:03] (as), Ralph's New Blues [9:54] (bcl), Straight Ahead [5:35] (as), 111-44 [3:28] (bcl)

New Jazz NJLP8255, OJC-099-2 (LP and CD), "Straight Ahead". Also on Prestige PR24060, a twofer with "Screamin' the Blues", and on the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182. At least as cool as above, but less known. The playing on this record is superb, and the music and musicianship are extraordinary. This should be required listening for bands playing in this style. Also on Esquire (E)32-168, (J)SMJ-6506, (NL)PPR083, Fonit Cetra (I)HB6139, Boplicity (E)BOMP10. Ralph's New Blues is on FCD60-022.

Booker Little and his Sextet
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Nola Penthouse Sound Studios, New York, 17 March 1961

Booker Little (tpt); Julian Priester (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Don Friedman (pno); Art Davis (bass); Max Roach (dr,tympani).

We Speak [6:41] (as), Quiet Please [8:00, 8:09] (as), A New Day [5:23]

Candid CJM8027/CJS9027, "Out Front", with below. An alternate take of Quiet, Please appears on CCD 79033. Here is a bit of Eric's solo.

Booker Little and his Sextet
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Nola Penthouse Sound Studio, NYC, 4 April 1961

Booker Little (tpt); Julian Priester (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Don Friedman (pno); Ron Carter (bass); Max Roach (dr,tympani).

Strength and Sanity [6:39, 5:59], Moods in Free Time [5:34] (as), Man of Words [4:44], Hazy Hues [5:42, 6:32] (as) (as)

Candid CJM8027/9027, "Out Front", with above. This is Booker. It couldn't be better, but I guess Eric could play more. But no complaints. I had previously stated: "Also reissued on Candid 30009, with alternate take of Strength and Sanity." I don't know where I got that information, which doesn't seem to be correct as far as I can tell. Instead, I only see Reichardt's listing of this alternate on Candid (J) 32JDC-106, a CD titled Out Front + 1, with a timing given of 5:59. CD reissue is Candid 79027. There is an alternate take of Hazy Hues on CCD 79033, with a solo that includes this: RealAudio sample. Moods in Free Time also appears on 79033. Other releases include (F)CANF6002, (J)SOPC-57004, (J)SMJ-6170, BR5019, New World Records NW275 (a compilation called Introspection that has We Speak and Strength and Sanity).

Ted Curson Quintet
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NYC, April 1961

Ted Curson (tpt); Eric Dolphy (fl); Kenny Drew (pno); Jimmy Garrison (bass); Roy Haynes (dr).

The Things We Did Last Summer, Bali H'ai

Old Town OTLP-2003, "Plenty of Horn", (J)YQ-7501-AX, YW-7577-AX, YS-7131-AX, Old Town CDBOP 018, Fresh Sound FSR 1622.

George Russell Sextet
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Plaza Sound Studios, NYC, 8 May 1961

Don Ellis (tpt); Dave Baker (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as,bcl); George Russell (pno); Steve Swallow (bass); Joe Hunt (dr).

Ezz-Thetic [8:57] (as), Nardis [4:34] (bcl), Lydiot [8:06] (as), Thoughts [5:26] (bcl), Honesty [8:55] (as), Round Midnight [6:29] (as), Kige's Tune [6:44, 5:42] (as)

Riverside RLP-375, RS-3043 (3 of these tunes), "Ezz-thetic". Also OJC-070, and part of "Outer Thoughts", Milestone M-47027, a 1975 LP (thanks to Todd Poynor). Nice stuff, and Round Midnight burns, all the thousands of times I hear this great composition and try to play it, Eric whipping through this version bounces around in my head. Definitive. Released on (F)68.943, (I)OM2001, (J)VIJ-131, (J)SMJ-6112, (I)HB6142, RLP(S9)3522, Boplicity (E)BPOM12. Kige's Tune was released in September 2007 on Keepnews Collection Concord 0888072301887 in two takes (take 2 and take 5, solos extracted in links above).

John Coltrane and his Orchestra
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Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 23 May 1961

John Coltrane (ss); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,arr,cond); Booker Little, Freddie Hubbard (tpt); Julian Priester, Charles Greenlea (euphonium); Julius Watkins, Donald Corrado, Bob Northern, Jim Buffington, Bob Swisshelm (french horn); Bill Barber (tuba); Garvin Bushell (reeds); Pat Patrick (bars); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman, Paul Chambers (bass); Elvin Jones (drs); Cal Massey (arr); Romulus Franceschini (cond).

Greensleeves [9:55, 10:49], Song of the Underground Railroad [6:37, ?], The Damned Don't Cry [7:38], Africa [14:06]

Impulse A-6, "Africa/Brass". Another take of this appears on Impulse AS-9273, "The Africa Brass Sessions, Vol. 2". The Impulse CD reissue (MCAD-42001) has all the material on both Africa Brass albums. The alternate take of Greensleeves and Underground... are both listed as recorded on this date. The Damned Don't Cry and Africa are on Impulse IZ 9361/2. Other releases include MCA 254638, MCA 29007, MCA 42231, Imp 251993-1Z, Pol(Ca)A(S)6, HMV(E)CLP1548, HMV(E)CSD1431, WRC(E)ST996, Jas(E)JAS8, VEGA(F)IMP3, Col(G)ICO52-90805, Ph(G)P632 060L, Imp(I)IMP423, HMV(I)QELP8049, HMV(I)CSDQ6264, EMI(I)064-90805, Imp(J)NY-3, Imp(J)SNY-3, Imp(J)MH3012, Imp(J)SH3018, Imp(J)SR3071, Imp(J)IMP88090, Imp(J)YS8501, Imp(J)P5912, Imp(J)YP8571, MCA(J)VIM4609, Imp L302, Imp ITC302, Imp(J)B02, Imp(J)32XD589, Imp(J)MVCI-23090, Imp 243580, CTI(G)PDCTI 1113-2, Imp GRD3-119, Imp GRP31192, Imp(G)873438-931, MCA 29008, MCA 42232, Jas(E)JAS59, EMI(I)064-95813Q, Imp(J)IMP88195, Imp(J)YS8507, Imp(J)YP8577AI, Imp(G)254648-2, Imp(J)32XD599, Melodiya(USSR)C60-19423-002, MCA 4140, MCA 254650, MCA 801449, MCA 82711, MCA(J)VIM4615&6, Imp(J)55XD601&2, AS9223-2, MCA 4132, Imp L59223, Imp(J)SH3061&2, Imp(F)68 060/066, MCA MCAD5541, Imp(G)254559-2YS, Imp(J)43XD2009, Imp(J)Y117, Imp(J)MVCI 23010&11.

John Coltrane Combo
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A&R Studios, NYC, 25 May 1961

Freddie Hubbard (tpt); John Coltrane (ss,ts); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Art Davis, Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

Olé [18:05](fl), Dahomey Dance [10:50](as), Aisha [7:32](as), Original Untitled Ballad (To Her Ladyship) [8:54](fl)

Atlantic SD1373, "Olé Coltrane". The last tune is not on this album, but is on Atlantic SD1553, "The Coltrane Legacy". The CD reissue (1373-2) of Olé includes To Her Ladyship, credited to Eric (though elsewhere the composer is given as Frazier), with Eric playing flute. This is the same as the untitled piece. The working title for Olé was Venga Vallejo, the Spanish folksong this was based on. Alternate takes may exist for all titles! Other releases include Lon(E)LTZ-K15239, Lon(E)SAH-K6223, Atl(F)332 048, Atl(F,G)40 286, Atl(J)MJ7041, Atl(J)P6052, Atl(J)P7507A, WEA(G)240716-1S, Atl SD2-313, Atl(C)59023, i grandi del Jazz(I)GdJ-10, Exe(J)EX2017, Atl(I)2K60009, Atl(J)30XD1002, Atl 7567-81349-2, Atl(J)AMCY1007, Atl(J)FCPA1061.

John Coltrane and his Orchestra
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Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 7 June 1961

John Coltrane (ts); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,arr); Booker Little (tpt); Britt Woodman (tbn); Carl Bowman (euphonium); Julius Watkins, Donald Corrado, Bob Northern, Robert Swisshelm (french horn); Bill Barber (tuba); Pat Patrick (bars); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman, Art Davis (bass); Elvin Jones (drs).

Africa [16:01, 16:26], Blues Minor [7:20]

Impulse A-6, "Africa/Brass", Impulse AS-9273, "The Africa Brass Sessions, Vol. 2", and MCAD-42001. There are two takes of Africa, although Fujioka says the one on Vol. 2 is spliced together from various alternate takes. Additional releases include Imp AS9200-2, MCA 4131, MCA2-8028, Imp(E)IMPL8015, Imp(F)68 060/066, Imp(J)SH3061/2, Imp(J)SR3007, Imp(J)SR3026/8, Imp(NL)EPIM5544, Imp(J)Y117, Imp(J)MVCI23010/11.

Ron Carter Quintet
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Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 20 June 1961

Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Mal Waldron (pno); Ron Carter (cel,bass); George Duvivier (bass); Charlie Persip (dr).

Rally [5:35] (bcl), Yes Indeed [5:47] (fl), Saucer Eyes [5:06] (fl), Softly as in a Morning Sunrise [7:40] (as)

New Jazz NJLP8265, Prestige 7843, OJC-432-2 (LP, CD), "Where?". Also on PR24053 with "Far Cry", and on the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182. This also includes Where? and Bass Duet without Eric. Yes Indeed. Other releases include Status ST8265, (G)BJS40166, (J)VIJ-233, (J)SMJ-6570, (F)68.419, (I)HB6057.

Mal Waldron Sextet
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Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 27 June 1961

Eric Dolphy (as,cl); Booker Ervin (ts); Mal Waldron (pno); Ron Carter (cel); Joe Benjamin (bass); Charlie Persip (dr).

Thirteen [4:45] (as), Duquility [4:10] (as), Status Seeking [8:50] (as), Warp and Woof [5:35] (as), Warm Canto [5:37] (cl), Fire Waltz [7:55] (as), We Diddit [4:23] (as)

New Jazz NJLP8269, Prestige 7579, OJC 082 LP and CD, "The Quest", Prestige P-24085, "Fire Waltz" (one of the two records, the other being the previously listed "Looking Ahead"), and on the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182. Another example of soprano clarinet playing on Warm Canto. I used to get meditative to this. Wore out my original copy. Other releases: XTRA (E)5006, (G)BJS40120, (NL)PPR087, (J)SMJ-6571, (G)0902074, (SP)150091, (F)68.330, (E)BPOM12.

Eric Dolphy-Booker Little Quintet
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Five Spot, NYC, 16 July 1961

Booker Little (tpt); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Mal Waldron (pno); Richard Davis (bass); Ed Blackwell (dr).

Status Seeking [11:30] (as), God Bless the Child [5:16](bcl), Aggression [16:38] (bcl), Like Someone in Love [19:25] (fl), Fire Waltz [13:14] (as), Bee Vamp [12:13, 9:33] (bcl), The Prophet [21:00] (as), Number Eight [17:00] (as), Booker's Waltz [15:00] (bcl)

Live recording of a nights performance, this may be the best use ever of this method of capturing music. Everybody should have these recordings. Some of the releases of these are: Prestige 7382, "Here and There", which only has Status Seeking and God Bless the Child, New Jazz NJLP8260 or Prestige 7611, Vol. 1, containing Fire Waltz, Bee Vamp, and The Prophet, Prestige PR7294 or 7826, Vol. 2, containing Aggression and Like Someone in Love, Prestige PR7334, "Eric Dolphy & Booker Little Memorial Album" or Vol 3, containing Number Eight (also called Potsa Lotsa on some labels) and Booker's Waltz, and Prestige P-34002, "The Great Concert of Eric Dolphy" containing Vols. I, II, and III. Also on: Vol 1: OJC 133, Vol 2: OJC 247, Memorial Album: OJC 353-2. There is also another take of Bee Vamp on "Dash-1", MPP2517, that is also included on OJC-133. Additional releases: P 24070, NJLP 8288, OJCCD673-2, SMJ-6572, SMJ-6573, SMJ-6574, SMJ-6578, SMJ-7192, SMJ-7269, VIJ210, VDJ1504, VICJ23511, VDJ1594, (J)VIJ4034, VIJ216, VIJ237, VDJ1525, VICJ23512, Prestige (F)68.369/71, Esquire 32-173, Stateside SL 10160, Pathé-Marconi 230.802, Pathé (F)2C.054-10135, La Voix de son Maitre HTX 40.343, Giants of Jazz (I)CD53064 & 53067, (Du)MPR3032, (Du)MPRS3033, (Du)MPRS3034, LLP88131, LLP88152, LLP88178, (F)HTX40343, CPRX240343, (F)68.326, Fonit Cetra (I)HB6044, Fonit Cetra (I)HBT6117, Fonit Cetra (I)HBS6157, MJ7043, FHCY-2009. Fire Waltz, Number Eight, the longer Bee Vamp, and Booker's Waltz are on Jazz Roots CD 56054 and Jazz Portraits CD 14553, "Fire Waltz". A good place to hear it all is on the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182.

Aggression is Booker at his best. He plays these blasts near the beginning of his solo that knocked me out the first time I heard it, and still thrill me tremendously. Like Someone in Love is equally masterful, with lovely chamber trios at beginning and end. The Prophet has some of Eric's best alto playing. Bee Vamp is a fascinating composition of Booker's. It's all excellent and rewarding.

John Coltrane Quintet
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Showboat, Philadelphia PA, unknown dates in 1961-62

John Coltrane (ss,ts); Eric Dolphy (as,bcl,fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

West 42nd Street, C minor blues, Everytime We Say Goodbye, Softly as in a Morning Sunrise, Easy to Remember, My Favorite Things, Out of this World, Miles' Mode, Impressions [20:32] (as)

This is according to Fujioka, listed as 5 tapes, recorded perhaps on 24-29 July 1961, 17-22 October 1961, 26 March - 3 April 1962, and 15-20 October 1962. Presumably Eric is only on some of the tunes listed above. Miles' Mode is probably Red Planet, written by Eric. They also list a session on 24 July with Impressions, But Not for Me, and Greensleeves, a session on 26 July with Body and Soul, Traneing In, and Impressions, unrecorded performances from Detroit on 7 August, the Village Gate on 8 August, and the Monterey Jazz Festival on 22 September (this is with Wes Montgomery).
(not in my collection)

Max Roach and his Orchestra
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NYC, 1 August 1961

Booker Little (tpt); Julian Priester (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as); Clifford Jordan (ts); Mal Waldron (pno); Art Davis (bass); Max Roach (dr); Carlos "Patato" Valdez (conga); Carlos "Totico" Eugenio (cowbell), Abbey Lincoln (vcl).

Garvey's Ghost [7:55], Mendacity [8:56]

Impulse AS-8, "Percussion Bitter Sweet". More below. Great stuff. Part of Mendacity appears on another Impulse sampler I have, too, "The Saxophone", ASH-9253-3, in a sequence with Pres, Bird and Ornette. Garvey's Ghost is on ASD-9228-3, "Energy Essentials" and in an edited version on GRP 11512. Other releases include His Master's Voice (E)CLP1522, CSD1416, (I)QELP-8053, (I)3C064-95721, CSDQ-6266, (I)IMP488/5027, (J)YP-8546.

Max Roach and his Orchestra
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NYC, 3 August 1961

Booker Little (tpt); Julian Priester (tbn); Eric Dolphy (fl,bcl); Clifford Jordan (ts); Mal Waldron (pno); Art Davis (bass); Max Roach (dr); Carlos "Patato" Valdez (conga); Carlos "Totico" Eugenio (cowbell).

Mama [4:50] (fl), Tender Warriors [6:54] (bcl)

Impulse AS-8, "Percussion Bitter Sweet". Mama is on ASH-9272-3, "The Drums".

Max Roach and his Orchestra
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NYC, 8 August 1961

Booker Little (tpt); Julian Priester (tbn); Eric Dolphy (fl); Clifford Jordan (ts); Mal Waldron (pno); Art Davis (bass); Max Roach (dr).

Praise for a Martyr [7:13]

Impulse AS-8, "Percussion Bitter Sweet".

Max Roach and his Orchestra
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NYC, 9 August 1961

Booker Little (tpt); Julian Priester (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Clifford Jordan (ts); Mal Waldron (pno); Art Davis (bass); Max Roach (dr); Carlos "Patato" Valdez (conga).

Man from South Africa [5:15]

Impulse AS-8, "Percussion Bitter Sweet".

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