Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy November 1960 New York City Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Ron Carter (bass on Dolphy-N, Triple Mix) 182. Dolphy-N (as) 6:53
183. Dolphy-N (as)
184. Inner Flight #1 (fl) 4:11
185. Inner Flight #2 (fl) 4:08
186. Triple Mix (fl,bcl) 9:01
Blue Note BT-85131, "Other Aspects", see above and below for other tracks on this great album, also available on CD (CDP48041), and (J)CP32-5346. Triple Mix is on Jazzway Mutt 1502, "Naima". The Inner Flights are unaccompanied, I think the only such examples on record. Triple Mix has overdubbed flute, bass clarinet, and bass. These were recorded by Jerry Newman, and all titles were assigned posthumously by Hale Smith, who composed Dolphy-N. There is an unissued alternate take of Dolphy-N.