Late 1961: Mostly in Europe

John Coltrane, and with pickup bands

30 August 1961 - 10 February 1962

Eric Dolphy Quintet
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Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany, 30 August 1961

Eric Dolphy (bcl,as); Benny Bailey (tpt); Pepsi Auer (pno); Jamil Nasser, aka George Joyner (bass); Buster Smith (dr).

GW [3:14] (as), God Bless the Child (bcl) [3:18], 245 (as) [5:32]

Inner City 3017, "The Berlin Concerts", a two-record set, with below. These are from a television broadcast by the German station SWF. The show featured the Humphrey Lyttelton Orchestra, followed by the Lyttelton sextet accompanying blues vocalist Billie Poole, then Dolphy's quintet. Joyner and Smith also performed Oscar Pettiford's Blues in the Closet, without Dolphy, Bailey and Auer. This is available on videotape from the German broadcast station SWR (Südwestrundfunk), the former SWF. Since it was aired as part #24 of a TV series called "Jazz gehört und gesehen", anybody interested in this rare and valuable document might be able to order it at (attention of Mrs. Jessy Doenges). The price, at least last year, was some 50 marcs (plus shipping). Thanks to Peter Gerbrecht for this information. 245 is called The Meeting, and GW is given as Gee Wee. The Inner City is a US licenced version of the original (German) enja release, 3007/9 with both LPs complete on a single CD. 245 is also on Enja/Musica Jazz (I)SPE1.

Jam Session
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Jazz Salon, Berlin, Germany, 30 August 1961

Eric Dolphy (as, bcl, fl); Benny Bailey (tpt); Pepsi Auer (pno); Jamil Nasser (bass); Buster Smith (dr).

Hot House (as), When Lights are Low (bcl), Hi-Fly (fl), I'll Remember April (as)

Inner City 3017, Enja (G)3007/9 with above. Other releases include (Am)R21Y79636, (J)SFX10049/50, 40MJ3122/3, 30MJ9049/50, K32Y6124, ENJ1003.

Rune Carlsson Quartet
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Vastmanland - Dala Nation, Uppsala, Sweden, 4 September 1961

Eric Dolphy (as,bcl,fl); Ronny Johansson (pno); Kurt Lindgren (bass); Rune Carlsson (dr).

What is This Thing Called Love (bcl), 245 (as), Laura (as), 52nd Street Theme (as), Bag's Groove (fl), Out of Nowhere (as), I'll Remember April (as), 52nd Street Theme (as), When Lights are Low (bcl)

Serene CD SER 03 and 04 "The Uppsala Concert Volumes 1 and 2". Unknown until 1990s, apparently recorded by the club owners. Thanks to John Bell and Bill Hery. A lot of tremendous playing. Simosko says: "The rhythm section is the least attuned to Dolphy of any with which he is known to have recorded." I presume this refers to some places where they really are into a different trip from Eric, but most of this lengthy recording really swings despite them. Also on ITM Media-Jazz Door (JD 1253/54) and Serene (J)WWCJ1031/32.

Eric Dolphy group
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Stockholm, Sweden, 3 or 4 and 5 September 1961

Eric Dolphy (fl,bcl,as); Idrees Sulieman (tr); Knud Jörgenson (pno); Rune Öfwerman (pno); Jimmy Woode (bass); Sture Kallin (dr).

Les [3:58](as), Serene [12:00, 7:40](bcl), Miss Ann [4:11](as), God Bless the Child [5:26](bcl), Left Alone [5:19](fl), GW [6:00](as), Don't Blame Me [12:07](fl)

Inner City 3007, "Stockholm Sessions". These were radio and TV broadcasts. Also on Enja(G)3055, Enja/Musica Jazz(I)SPE1, K32Y6180, 15MJ9051 and 28MJ3017 in Japan, ENJ1009, and a Rhino-distributed release from 1988, RH or R2 79647, with another take of Serene. There was a radio broadcast from either the 3rd or 4th probably that included the longer Serene, Don't Blame Me, and the very uptempo Les (with Jörgenson and without Sulieman); and a TV broadcast with Öfwerman from the 5th that included Left Alone, Miss Ann, Serene, God Bless the Child, and GW. Thanks to Raben for straightening this out. Other dates that have been given for these sessions probably represent broadcast dates.
My appreciation of this music was definitely increased when I got the video (called Eric in Town, or Eric I Sta'n), which shows how they moved from one piece to the next with no breaks, in an incredibly serene and serious atmosphere given the studio setting.

Eric Dolphy Quartet
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Berlingske Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark, 6 September 1961

Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Bent Axen (pno); Erik Moseholm (bass); Jørn Elniff (dr).

Don't Blame Me (2 takes) (fl), When Lights are Low (bcl), Miss Ann (2 takes) (as)

Prestige PR7350, PR7382, PR7366, 24027 ("In Europe Vol. 2", "Here and There", "In Europe Vol. 3", "Copenhagen Concert"). OJC 413-2, 414-2, 416-2 (LP, CD) for Vol 1, 2, 3 respectively (see below). These recordings are a bit of a mess discographically, unfortunately, because Prestige released them in many places and messed up titles etc. and recorded several takes and scattered them. See S&T if you want to try to straighten it out. Note that the 'Miss Ann' on 7350 is actually the Les from below. On the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182, they didn't release the Miss Anns, apparently because they don't have them (these were actually recorded by Debut). They also mistakenly substituted When Lights are Low for the Laura below on early pressings! The first take of Don't Blame Me is also on PR24070. See below for other issues.
The music is nice, I really like When Lights are Low. Simosko says there is another TV set from Copenhagen in September where they do Don't Blame Me, Green Dolphin Street, Miss Ann, and 245 with Dolphy, Axen, Moseholm, and William Schiopffe on drums. He has a lo-fi audio tape and would LOVE to see a video!

Eric Dolphy Quartet
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Studenterforeningen Foredragssal, Copenhagen, Denmark, 8 September 1961

Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Bent Axen (pno); Erik Moseholm, Chuck Israels (bass); Jørn Elniff (dr).

Glad to be Unhappy (fl), Hi-Fly (fl), God Bless the Child (bcl), Oleo (bcl), The Way You Look Tonight (as), Laura (as), Woody'n You (as), In the Blues (4 takes, one of which is only a false start) (as), Les (as)

These are on Prestige PR7304, PR7350, PR7366, 24070, and 24027 again. PR7304 is Vol. 1. Now on OJCCD-413-2, OJCCD-414-2, OJCCD-416-2. The alto solo on The Way You Look Tonight is hot. Hi-Fly is a duet with Israels.
Other releases: Debut (D)DEB136, (J)VDJ1594, (F)PRX40441, (J)SMJ6575, SMJ7212, VICJ23631, Stateside (E)SL10104, (J)SMJ6576, SMJ7335, VICJ23632, SMJ6577, SMJ7367, VICJ23633. Debut 136 issued the last take of In the Blues as I Don't Know Why, and listed the 52nd Street Theme coda to Laura as a separate track. On the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182, they mistakenly substituted When Lights are Low for Laura on early copies.

John Coltrane Quintet/Sextet /Septet/Octet
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Village Vanguard, NYC, 1,2,3,5 November 1961

John Coltrane (ss,ts); Eric Dolphy (as,bcl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Jimmy Garrison, Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones, Roy Haynes (dr); Ahmed Abdul-Malik (tamboura?); Garvin Bushell (English horn on India, contrabassoon on Spiritual).

Impressions (as), Red Planet (as), Chasin' the Trane [18:32] (as), Naima (bcl), Spiritual (bcl), Brasilia (as), India (bcl)

More confusion, but pretty well documented on Impulse IZ9361/2 "The Mastery of John Coltrane/ Vol. IV: Trane's Modes", and now by David Wild on Impulse! IMPD4-232. Multiple performances of these pieces were recorded, along with others in which Eric didn't play. Red Planet was written by Eric, but misattributed to Coltrane and often called Miles' Mode. Other releases from these dates are Impulse AS-10, "Live at the Village Vanguard", Impulse A-42, "Impressions", and Impulse AS-9325/2, "The Other Village Vanguard Tapes". Alternate takes (from November 2) of India and Spiritual appear on a Coltrane compilation MCAD-5541. They were released in Japan as a 5 CD set packaged into 3 sets (MCA/Impulse MVCI-23001/5). Recent discussion has determined that Bushell played english horn rather than oboe, and suggests that Abdul-Malik played something other than oud, perhaps a small tamboura.
The Chasin' the Trane above may be from elsewhere, and is unissued.

Here is David Wild's listing:

The Track Listing






11/1/61 India 11:00 Dolphy, Tyner, Abdul-Malik, Garrison, Workman, Jones Previously unissued
Chasin’ the Trane 9:51 Dolphy, Workman, Jones AS9325
Impressions 8:50 Dolphy, Tyner, Garrison, Jones IZ9361
Spiritual 13:35 Dolphy, Tyner, Workman, Jones AS9325
Miles’ Mode 10:00 Dolphy, Tyner, Workman, Garrison, Jones IZ9361
Naima (transcription and sample available) 7:39 Dolphy, Tyner, Workman, Jones IZ9361
Brasilia 18:40 Dolphy, Tyner, Workman, Jones AS9325
11/2/61 Chasin’ Another Trane 15:34 Dolphy, Tyner, Workman, Haynes IZ9361
India 13:20 Dolphy, Bushell, Tyner, Abdul-Malik, Garrison, Workman, Jones MCAD5541
Spiritual 15:00 Dolphy, Bushell, Tyner, Workman, Jones MCAD5541
Softly As In A Morning Sunrise 6:25 Tyner, Workman, Jones A-10
Chasin’ the Trane 15:55 (Dolphy), Garrison, Jones A-10
Greensleeves 6:18 Tyner, Workman, Jones AS9325
Impressions 10:55 Dolphy, Tyner, Garrison, Jones IZ9361
11/3/61 Spiritual 13:30 Dolphy, Tyner, Workman, Jones A-10
Naima 6:55 Dolphy, Tyner, Workman, Jones Previously Unissued
Impressions 14:40 (Dolphy), Tyner, Garrison, Jones A-42
India 13:52 Dolphy, Tyner, Garrison, Workman, Jones A-42
Greensleeves 4:50 Tyner, Workman, Jones IZ9361
Miles’ Mode 15:05 Dolphy, Tyner, Garrison, Workman, Jones Previously Unissued
11/5/61 India 15:10 Dolphy, Bushell, Tyner, Garrison, Workman, Abdul-Malik, Jones AS9325
Spiritual 20:32 Dolphy, Bushell, Tyner, Workman, Jones AS9325

Other releases: MCA 4137, MCA 801643-420, Imp(I)AIMPL25013, Imp(I)IMP466, Imp(J)YB8506/7, MCA(J)VIM4613/4, Imp(J)55XD590/1, Imp(G)254639-2YP, Imp(G)872421-910, Imp(G)MCD 04137-MCAD2-4137, Imp(F)68 060/066, Imp GRD3-119, MCA(J)ICD-7, MCA 254627/8, MCA 29009/14, MCA 39136, Spa(Ca)A(S)10, HMV(E)CLP1590, HMV(E)CSD1456, Imp(E)IMPL8041, Jas(E)JAS9, Imp(F)IMP10, Imp(G)2522051Z, Imp(J)SNY-10, Imp(J)MH3014, Imp(J)SH3021, Imp(J)SR3096, Imp(J)IMP88073, Imp(J)YP8521, MCA(J)VIM4611, Imp M50010, MCA MCAC39136, Imp M80010, Imp 872 695, Imp(G)254627-2YS, Imp(J)32XD582, Imp(J)MVCI-23089, Imp(J)MVCZ28, Imp(H)EPIM5544, Imp(J)PS116, Imp AS9200-2, Imp(J)SH3061/2, Imp(J)SR3007, Imp(J)YX8801AI, Imp(J)YS8526AI, Prb(E)SBP1025, Imp ASH9278-2, MCA 4133, Imp(J)SR3026/8, MCA 5887, HMV(E)CLP1695, HMV(E)CSD1509, Imp(G)251334-1Z, Imp(I)IMP432, Imp(I)IMPL5004, EMI(I)064-95769, Imp(J)SH3020, Imp(J)IMP88067, Imp(J)YP8522, MCA(J)VIM4612, MCA MCAC5887, Imp(G)254628-2YS, Imp(J)MVCZ37, Imp(J)32XD583, Imp(J)MVCI-23088, Imp ASH9306-2, Imp MCA2-4136, Imp ASD9228, Imp(E)IMPD901, Imp(J)PS116, Imp AS9283-2, JM(I)CJZLP2/3, Imp AS9223-2, TFMRS 70B, Video Arts(J)VALJ-3165 (video - The World According to John Coltrane has a bit of India from 3 Nov on soundtrack).

John Coltrane Quintet

PM West Show, 10 November 1961

John Coltrane (ss); Eric Dolphy (fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Jimmy Garrison or Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

My Favorite Things

Fujioka lists a TV broadcast from this date, and Simosko recalls that such a broadcast existed, but otherwise we have no information.

(not in my collection)

John Coltrane Quintet
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Olympia, Paris, France, 18 November 1961

John Coltrane (ts,ss); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

My Favorite Things [25:11](fl), Blue Train [16:04, 12:40](as), Impressions [10:41](as)

This is according to S&T. The insert to BYG YX-8006 (see below) lists this as 19 November (presumably because it got to be after midnight). Magnetic has a 2 CD set from this date (MRCD-114 and 115); with each CD corresponding to a separate concert on that date:
I Want To Talk About You (without Eric) 
Blue Train
My Favorite Things (without Eric)

Blue Train 
I Want To Talk About You (without Eric) 
My Favorite Things

This is confirmed by Fujioka, who also show an LP from Jazz Way(I)LTM1503, "Live in Paris 1961". Reichardt lists the 2 sets in the opposite order, with the MFT from the first set still listed without Eric but says his data are provisional. He lists a second Impressions following the first but gives it as edited with a timing of 4:29.

I had previously erroneously listed Eric's Stockholm sessions as taking place on the 19th. But Eric played a concert in Scheveningen, Holland and then at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on 19 November with the Coltrane quintet that weren't recorded. Fujioka list the quintet as doing a concert every day between 11 Nov and 2 Dec in fact.

John Coltrane Quintet
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Falkonercentret, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20 November 1961

John Coltrane (ts,ss); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

Delilah [11:33](bcl), My Favorite Things (3 takes) [28:02](fl), Impressions [13:13](as), Naima [7:00](bcl)

This is according to S&T and insert to BYG YX-8006. According to Bill Hery, also Magnetic CD MRCD 116 with the addition of Every Time We Say Goodbye (Eric does not play on this one). The CD title is THE COMPLETE COPENHAGEN CONCERT. I now have this CD, and have enjoyed hearing the new things. The 3 takes of MFT are actually a couple seconds of false starts, which Trane apologizes for, then launches into the one real take.

John Coltrane Quintet
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Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland, 22 November 1961

John Coltrane (ss,ts); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

Blue Train [8:45](as), Impressions [7:48](as), My Favorite Things [19:46](fl)

According to Fujioka, as told by Thierry Bruneau, this was recorded by Matti Konttinen, the music producer of Yles Radio in Finland, but hasn't been released. There was also a performance of I Want to Talk About You without Eric. Eric's playing on this is a bit unusual. He sounds rather slowed down, without the usual exuberance.

John Coltrane Quintet
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Koncerthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 23 November 1961

John Coltrane (ts,ss); Eric Dolphy (as,bcl,fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

My Favorite Things [20:48, 25:55](fl), Blue Train [8:57](as), Naima [4:00, 2:25](bcl), Impressions [7:11, 11:30](as,bcl)

"Coltranology Vol I.", BYG YX-8006 (Japan), or Historic Performances HPLP-5, or Charly CD 117 "John Coltrane Live in Stockholm 1961". This is my most cherished record. This My Favorite Things is without a doubt the finest version available. The recording of Impressions is also at the summit, perfection. S&T and the insert list first takes of My Favorite Things and Impressions on HPLP-1. That MFT is also on the Rhino compilation R4 71255. S&T also list a recording of Naima on HPLP-1, from an unknown date, but the insert lists Naima NC from this concert. This is a truncated version of Naima that is indeed from the second concert.

Fujioka is presumably definitive, and lists the first concert as including Blue Train, Naima, Impressions, and My Favorite Things, and the second concert as Naima, Impressions, and My Favorite Things. HPLP1 was the second concert, HPLP5 the first concert. Other releases include Bep(E)BEP504 (this is the same as HPLP1), Aff AFF14, Aff(I)PROM20, Aff(Sp)32-2051, Aff(J)RJL3001, BYG(J)YX4006, BYG(J)YX2063/5, BYG(J)YX2039, Seven Seas(J)K18P6233/4, Classic Jazz(C)CDCD1009, as "European Impressions" on BS(J)32JDB-199 and BS(J)TKCB-30467 (all the same as HPLP5), and pieces of it on Opx 10, JBir JAZ2006, BS(I)BDLP/CD1514, BYG(J)XY0002, Black Bird(I)no number, Frequenz(I)044-009, Drive(Swt)3513, Jazz Collection(F)ORO 129, GL(I)CD3GLP456, Aff(E)AFF764, All That's Jazz(H)ATJCD 8003.

John Coltrane Quintet
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Baden-Baden, Germany, 24 December 1961

John Coltrane (ts,ss); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

Impressions [7:30](as), My Favorite Things [11:06](fl)

&T and insert to BYG YX-8006. Michael Fitzgerald corrected the date based on the 2007 edition of Fujioka, which says this was the last date on the tour. Bill Hery notes: The discography in MRCD 116 above lists this as Jazz Connoisseur JC112 "Quartet and Quintet in Europe", and includes a version of Every Time We Say Goodbye (again, Eric doesn't play on it). Simosko notes that the "Coltrane Legacy" video (Video Artists VAI-69035) contains complete footage of these performances. Wow!!! This is a nice tape with lots of talk by Elvin, and my favorite tunes. Unfortunately these performances aren't up to their usual form, but it's definitely worth a look. Available at Blockbuster Video apparently. Nice footage of Jimmy Garrison from 1963 on it. (not in my collection, but at a nearby Blockbuster!) Now accessible online, e.g.,

The original Fujioka says that this was recorded on the 24th but broadcast on the 26th. The new edition says it was first broadcast on 27 June 1962, 6 months later! There was also an unknown tune done by the rhythm section alone. Other releases include JC(Is)JC112, Heart Note(Sw)HZ002, BS(I)BDLP1514, BS(J)32JDB-199, Toei Video(J)TE M347, Kay Jazz(E)KJ072 (incomplete takes on a video), British(E)VJ447, GL(I)VID JAZZ 5, Videomate VM-726, Video Arts(J)VALJ-3165, Jazz Collection(F)ORO 129, Pioneer LDC(J)PILJ1122 (only 2:35 of Impressions).

John Coltrane Quintet
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Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany, 27 November 1961 [The Coltrane reference corrected the dates for this and Frankfurt.]

John Coltrane (ss); Eric Dolphy (fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

My Favorite Things [15:25], Impressions [8:55]

This is according to Simosko and Fujioka.

John Coltrane Quintet
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Kongressshalle, Frankfurt, Germany, 29 November 1961 [The Coltrane reference has corrected the dates for this and Stuttgart.]

John Coltrane (ss); Eric Dolphy (fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

My Favorite Things [19:08], Impressions [16:27]

This is according to S&T and insert to BYG YX-8006, and from Simosko. Also confirmed by Fujioka, who give the timings. LaMont Johnson told a story about playing with Eric after this concert that I'll include here.

LaMont wrote:
I was stationed at Rhein Main AFB, Germany from 1960-December 7, 1962. I was working as a flight crew member, doing highly interesting work. Due to the long missions, I would get breaks of three or four days at a time, giving me time to work with the David Feathers Rhein Main AFB Jazz All Stars (Feathers on trumpet, now deceased several years, a booper to his heart and a close buddy of Cedar Walton, Joseph D. Jackson, another Texas Tenor, bopping to his heart (Schillinger student out of Berkle, before Air Force), Sam Scott on bass, and Phillip D. "Philly Joe" Welch on the drums). This was not a flakey band.

David also knew Leo Wright, another truly great altoist with whom I have also had the rare chance to play. Leo told David that Diz was coming to Frankfurt. So our number one agenda was to hook up with Leo. Diz had Leo on alto, Lalo on piano, Bob Cunningham on bass (who later became one of my calls when he was in town), and I'm pretty sure it was Micky Roker (one of my early and dear Jazz friends, when I got back to the states). Another group was also featured on this concert: The John Coltrane Quintette, with McCoy, Elvin and Eric Dolphy - I think Steve Davis was the bassist with this group - check me on that (1961, Frankfurt Messe Halle).

After the concert, several of the musicians retired to the Jazz Kellar, a place where I just about lived, when I wasn't rehearsing with the group, or flying. Diz locked up with my bride, Annelore, and sat at a table with her the entire evening - quite a trip because Anne's english was minimal - I spoke fluent German. But I was on the bandstand with David, Leo, Elvin, Bob Cunningham and Eric Dolphy. There was no battle between Leo and Eric, because the dialects being spoken were totally different - Leo was a blazing bopper, fluid and lean, spiralling the bop up and out of that alto. Eric ran sequences, and core dumps, and pastiches and collages, permutations of inverted permutations, paradigms and paradoxes. I just kept playing the changes. At one point every body laid out at his request, except me.

And there I am, 19 on the verge of 20, pounding away with brutish, youthful enthusiasm, scarcely aware of Lalo Schifrin, (who is another story), waiting in the wings, while the genius of Dolphy filled the smokey bomb shelter, every crack in my cranium, and every crevice of my soul.

Another moment when it was really great to be LaMont Johnson.

... Thanks for jogging the memory. Fujioka is right. It was November, and it was the Kongress Halle. And you are right about the other drummer, Mel Lewis. He came up on the bandstand for one tune, and then Elvin just went up and took over the drums. The stand remained constant after that. I believe the reason Eric had everybody lay out (perhaps it's my own youthful conceit) was that the tune was Monk's "Well You Needn't", and I was running some inversions that I had been practising that were basically bitonal in nature, and I think he just wanted to hear how they went. Or, perhaps I was playing wrong changes, and he was trying to psych them out...

As a followup regarding that evening in Frankfurt, Lalo Schifrin, came up to the bandstand, and picked up "Donna Lee" after my solo. I went down and rescued my wife from the ever effervescent Diz, chatted with him for a while, and went home, dreaming of Eric Dolphy music.

Nights like that are so few in one's existence. The memorable moments remain fresh and vivid, even when some of the facts try to drift. The more I talk about that night, the fresher that whole scene becomes.

Eric Dolphy Quartet
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Munich, 1 December 1961

Eric Dolphy (bcl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Mel Lewis (dr).

On Green Dolphin Street [23:27], Softly as a Summer Sunrise [14:42], The Way You Look Tonight [11:39], Oleo [18:01]

Jazz Connoisseur JC107, an apparently very rare bootleg with little information that I know, and the information that is on it is wrong. This was not listed in S&T or Swing. Simosko has cleared it up for me. He gave me the place and date, saying it was recorded between concerts on the tour with Coltrane and Dizzy's groups. On JC107 they list Lalo Schifrin as pianist, and B. Cunningham on bass, but Simosko gives the above. Not too bad, but not a great recording, some fades and lousy miking, great music. Title of second tune as given on cover. Green Dolphin Street is extended, 23 minutes worth. McCoy plays more than Eric on this record though. He takes off as usual on The Way You Look Tonight, but on bass clarinet, as Lewis slams the cymbals. Oleo is not on JC107, but is on Unique Jazz UJ-26 "3 Dolphy Groups" according to Simosko and Hery. I now have this, with Oleo, on Natasha Imports NI-4001, a CD titled Eric Dolphy Quartet: Softly, as in a morning sunrise. It gives the date as 2 Dec. Also released on Magnetic Records (MRCD 130), Jazz Anthology (F)JA5234, Stash CECC00095, and (J)CEJC00104. Raben lists Schifrin and Cunningham on Oleo. Near the beginning of the sample from Eric's unusual solo on Oleo you can hear a tape splice. I presume these recordings were transcribed from a radio broadcast.

Fujioka says that Elvin left his passport in Hamburg on 25 November, and Lewis filled in for him with the Coltrane quintet in Copenhagen on the 26th. But that probably isn't related to Lewis playing on this date rather than Elvin. The quintet, with Elvin, played in Munich on 1 December.

John Coltrane Quintet
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Auditorium Maximum, Freie Universitat, Berlin, Germany, 2 December 1961

John Coltrane (ts); Eric Dolphy (as); McCoy Tyner (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

Impressions [12:50](as)

This is according to S&T, Fujioka, and insert to BYG YX-8006. Simosko said I'd like this. I do. Good contrast between Trane and Eric, with Trane compressing the scale and Eric opening it up.

John Coltrane Quintet
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Birdland, NYC, 10 February 1962

John Coltrane (ts,ss); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Jimmy Garrison (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

My Favorite Things [19:26](fl), Mr. P.C. [11:00](as), Red Planet [10:39](as)

Red Planet is generally known as Miles' Mode. Affinity AFF79, "John Coltrane Live at Birdland Featuring Eric Dolphy", Ozone 10, "That Dynamic Jazz Duo!" (there are 2 different, though similar, covers for this LP), Jazz Anthology 30JA5184, "Two Giants Together/Rare Live Performance", Ses 114 "Hooray for John Coltrane" with some funny versions of the titles (Stuff I'm Partial Too, Mr. R.C.M. Jr., and Man-Made Miles!"), VJ(J)ULS1654JY "Inner Man", VJ(J)RVC RJL2663, VJ(J)RJL6011, VJ(J)RJL160, VJ(J)22YB2089, VJ(J)32YD1084, VJ(J)FHCY1019, VJ(J)UXP88JY, Aff(C)68, Chly(E)CDCH68, Album Festival(F)378, Fes 403781, JA(F)30JA5184, Music Room Special MRS5010 and MRS5049, Thesis(F)THJ82031, GL(I)CD3GLP456, and in part on JM(I)CJZLP3, EJ(I)EJ1013, Curzio(I)GJ16, GAJ(I)JZCD319, Acc(F)139230, Acc(F)556632, Frequenz(I)044-009, UJ(Is)UJ26, RARELP(I)11/15, RARECD 11/15, Tel(I)TDS3600, Tel TRCD1007, Am ARCD10001, JM(I)CJZLP4, GAJ(I)JZCD320. According to Fujioka, this was from after midnight on the 9th/10th.

John Coltrane Quintet
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Birdland, NYC, 16 February 1962

John Coltrane (ts,ss); Eric Dolphy (as, bcl, fl); McCoy Tyner (pno); Jimmy Garrison (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

The Inchworm [7:14](bcl), Mr. P.C. [7:40](as), My Favorite Things [13:50](fl)

This is from Fujioka, who note it was another midnight broadcast from the 16/17th.
Dolphy comes in early on Inchworm on bass clarinet, accenting the melody. Symphony Sid Torin makes some prominent announcements between tunes, but Coltrane is barely heard. Mr. P.C. is particularly nice.

Fujioka also notes a recording from the Showboat in Philadelphia as mentioned above.



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