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Third stream and various dates

16 February 1962 - 2 May 1963

Pony Poindexter and his Orchestra
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NYC, 16 February 1962

Norwood "Pony" Poindexter (as,ss); Eric Dolphy, Sylvester "Sonny Red" Kyner (as); Jimmy Heath, Clifford Jordan (ts); Park "Pepper" Adams (bars); Gildo Mahones (pno); Ron Carter (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

B Frequency, Lanyop

Epic LA16035/BA17035, "Pony's Express" according to S&T and Swing Journal. Simosko says there is an alternate Lanyop on CBS-38509, and that Eric is not on the other cut, Catin' Latin. Also on (J)ECPU-10, EPC65889. Yas Saotome kindly sent the files linked to here, for which I'm deeply grateful.

Eric Dolphy Groups
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Syracuse NY, 10 March 1962

Eric Dolphy (bcl), Barry Galbraith (gtr), Chuck Israels (b), Art Davis (b), Sticks Evans (dr)

Night Music [3:50]

Vintage Dolphy (GM 3005CD). GM is a small label from Boston that was started by Gunther Schuller and his sons. See below for more from this CD. Simosko originally claimed this was from the 1963 concert described below. However, GM recently released a 2nd edition of this CD (with the same number), confirming the Night Music date and adding the following performance from this concert.

Eric Dolphy (as, fl, bcl); Eddie Costa (vib, pno); Barry Galbraith (gtr); Chuck Israels, Art Davis (b); Sticks Evans (dr); John Oberbrunner (fl); Louis Krasner, Adrienne Galimir (vln); Joan Mulfinger (vla); George Mulfinger Jr. (cel).

Variants on a Theme by Thelonius Monk

This piece was also recorded on 20 December 1960 with Ornette Coleman. It includes an introduction and four variants. Variant III includes a bass/bass clarinet conversation. Here are the sections: Introduction and Theme, Variant I, Variant II, Variant III, Variant IV.

For other releases see below.

Benny Golson and his Orchestra
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NYC, 10 April 1962

Bill Hardman (tpt); Grachan Moncur III (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as); Bill Evans (pno); Ron Carter (bass); Charlie Persip (dr); Julius Held, Harry Lookofsky, George Ockner, Gene Orloff (vln); Harold Coletta (vla); Charles McCracken (cel); Jerome Richardson (fl); Bob Northern, Ray Alonge (fr horn); Lou Cranston (ts); Danny Bank (fl, bars), unknown; Benny Golson (arr).

Groovin' High (3:16), Donna Lee (2:44), Quicksilver (3:53), Ornithology (3:43), If I Should Lose You (3:00)

Audio Fidelity AFLP-1978, "Pop+Jazz=Swing", according to S&T and Swing Journal. S&T give more info on this recording, with some discrepancies between them and Swing. S&T say this is the most conservative playing Eric ever did, and interesting in a negative sort of way. This material was later released without the strings as JUST JAZZ (AFLP 2150). Audio Fidelity was the 1950s equivalent of an "audiophile" label, more concerned with sound quality than musical content. They claim to have produced the world's first stereo disc. The cuts are short (mostly 3-4 minutes) with very short solos. The Just Jazz album also has 5 more cuts: Moten Swing, Out of Nowhere, Autumn Leaves, Stella by Starlight, Walkin' but Eric is not on these, in contradiction to what was previously asserted here.

On the cuts listed above, Eric definitely solos on Groovin, Quicksilver, Ornithology, If I Should...

Also, the liner notes list Hardman as playing trombone, but Bill Hery assumes that is a typo, as is the list of songs, which is in a different order than on the album. Other releases include AFSD6150, (EU)145049, (EU)155049, (J)ULS1866V in the sextet format, and AFSD5978 with the strings. Now on Fresh Sounds FSR-CD 302, "Walkin'". Thanks to Barry Moody for info on this.

Ed Summerlin Jazz Vespers Service

Washington D.C., 3 June 1962

Don Ellis, Lou Glucken (tpt); Slide Hampton, Dick Lieb (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as); J.R. Monterose (ts); Ron Carter (bass); Barry Galbraith (gtr); Charles Persip (dr); unidentified church organist and choir; Ed Summerlin (comp,arr,dir,cond).

This is according to S&T.

(not in my collection)

John Lewis/Gary McFarland
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NYC, 5 October 1962

Harold Jones (fl); Eric Dolphy (alto-fl); Phil Woods (cl); William Arrowsmith (oboe); Loren Glickman (bassoon); Don Stewart (basset horn); Gene Allen (baritone horn); John Lewis (pno); Jim Hall (gtr); Richard Davis (bass); Connie Kay (dr); Gary McFarland (cond).

Tillamook Two, Another Encounter [5:22], By My Side

Atlantic SD-1425, "Essence" (see Sept 9, 1960 above as well). By My Side is unissued Atlantic matrix number 6480. Cool instrumentation! Also on (F)850.006.

Eric Dolphy Quintet
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Gaslight Inn, NYC, 7 October 1962

Eric Dolphy (as,bcl,fl); Ed Armour (flh); Herbie Hancock (pno); Richard Davis (bass); Andrew Bateman (dr); Joe Carroll (vcl).

Miss Ann (as), Left Alone (fl), G.W. (as), Oh Lady Be Good, 245 (as), I Got Rhythm (bcl)

Ingo 14, "Live at Gaslight Inn". Also Unique Jazz UJ-10. This is a nice unprofessional live recording, somewhat different from all other dates I've heard in its feel, and in personnel except for Davis. Hancock played regularly with Eric in this period (see below for the other example). Simosko and Hery say UJ-26 has an I Got Rhythm featuring an excruciating Joe Carroll vocal and Eric on bass clarinet. Also on Stash (J)CEJC00110, ECC00101.

Charles Mingus and his Orchestra
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Town Hall, NYC, 12 October 1962

Lonnie Hillyer, Snooky Young, Rolf Ericson, Ernie Royal, Eddie Armour, Clark Terry, Richard Williams (tpt); Britt Woodman, Jimmy Cleveland, Willie Dennis, Quentin Jackson, Paul Faulise, Eddie Bert (tbn); Don Butterfield (tuba); Charlie Mariano, Charles McPherson (as); Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); John "Zoot" Sims, Booker Ervin (ts); Buddy Collette (ts,fl); Dick Hafer (ts,fl,cl); Jerome Richardson (ss,oboe,fl,bars); Pepper Adams (bars); possibly Fess Williams (cl); Theodore "Teddy Charles" Cohen (vib); Jaki Byard, Toshiko Mariano (pno); Milt Hinton (bass); Charles Mingus (bass,comp,dir,narrator); Les Spann (gtr); probably Osie Johnson (dr); Dannie Richmond (dr,tympani); Bob Hammer and Melba Liston (arr,cond).

Osmosis (2 takes), Epitaph (two parts, with an alternate part 1), Freedom (2 takes), Peggy's Discovery, Portrait, Duke's Choice, (Please) Don't Come Back (From the Moon), My Search, Finale

United Artists UAJS-15024, "Town Hall Concert" according to S&T and Swing Journal. This is the legendary fiasco where Mingus tried to record his own music with a full orchestra. According to Priestly's Mingus biography and general knowledge, Knepper is not actually on this album; this was the time Knepper and Mingus had a fight (OK, one of the times), and Mingus punched out Knepper resulting in broken teeth; Knepper apparently could never play properly after that (having lost his embouchre and an octave in his range) and later sued Mingus. This would have happened during the rehearsals. Thanks to Bill Hery for these memories. But of course Knepper played a lot after this, including lots of dates with Mingus. Now available in a reconstructed form as a Blue Note CD (Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28353 2 5). Very nice job, not a lot of Eric, but an important historical document and fun to hear. It does include another conversation (736K mu-law) between Dolphy and Mingus.
Other releases: UAJ14024, UA8022, UA270002, UA670002, (E)ULP1068, (F)UA38022, (G)UA669012, (G)SS18024K, SS18024, (J)K18P9225, (J)LBJ60064, (NL)5C038-60106, (EU)BNS40034.

Here is the track list on the Blue Note CD (via Esa's listing):
The Complete Town Hall Concert

(P)(C) 1994 Capitol Records Inc. (Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28353 2 5) 

    1. Freedom - Part One (3:45) 
    2. Freedom - Part Two (aka Clark In The Dark) (3:11) 
    3. Osmotin' (2:47) 
    4. Epitaph - Part One (7:00) 
    5. Peggy's Blue Skylight (5:17) 
    6. Epitaph - Part Two (5:08) 
    7. My Search (8:06) 
    8. Portrait (4:31) 
    9. Duke's Choice (aka Don't Come Back) (5:09) 
   10. Please Don't Come Back From The Moon (7:22) 
   11. In A Mellotone (aka Finale) (8:18) (Ellington) 
   12. Epitaph - Part One (alternate take) (7:22) 

Total time
Eric is featured in Epitaph (Part One).

Eric Dolphy Quintet with Ree Dragonette
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Town Hall, NYC, 20 November 1962

Eric Dolphy (as, bcl, fl, cl); Edward Armour (flh); Richard Davis (b); Herbie Hancock (p); JC Moses (dr); Ree Dragonette (poetry)

South Street Exit (fl) [15:31], Something Sweet Something Tender (bcl) [8:48], GW (as) [17:16], To Tonio, Dead (fl) [2:16], The Mandrake Sleeps The Panthers Walk (as) [5:53], Song for the Ram's Horn (cl) [5:44], Like Pharao's Eye, Like Onyx Stone (Hat and Beard)

The quintet performed, followed by recitations by Dragonette, an intermission, then Dragonette read, and then she alternated with the quintet. She doesn't perform simultaneously with them, however. This GW is excellent, though marred by a glitch at the end of Dolphy's solo. The duet "To Tonio, Dead" is certainly interesting, and the final piece, Song for the Ram's Horn, is a definite find, based largely on a 5-note theme. Nice to have another soprano clarinet performance as well. There is also a performance of Hat and Beard, under its original title as shown on the parts and score, from Dragonette's poem dedicated to Monk. The Dolphy archives also contain music copied by Hale Smith and titled Two Part Suite that consists of South Street Exit and The Mandrake Sleeps the Panthers Walk (Dragnonette's title).

Orchestra U.S.A.
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Atlantic Recording Studios, NYC, 4 February 1963

Louis Mucci, Herb Pomeroy, Nick Travis (tpt); Mike Zwerin (tbn); Bob Northern, Robert Swisshelm (frh); Harvey Philips (tu); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Phil Woods (as,cl); Don Ashworth (bars,oboe); Robert DiDomenica (fl,picc); Don Stewart (cl,basset-horn); Ray Shiner (oboe); Wally Kane (fl,bassoon); John Lewis (pno,dir,comp); Nathan Goldstein, Gerald Beal, Gino Sambucco, Jerry Widoff (vln); Julian Barber, Selwart Clark (vla); Joseph Tekula, Alla Goldberg (cel); Richard Davis (bass); Jim Hall (gtr); Connie Kay (dr); Sticks Evans (perc); Gary McFarland (vib,perc,comp); Gunther Schuller (cond).

Milesign [5:20], Milano [3:38], Grand Encounter [5:41]

This is according to S&T and Swing Journal, Colpix-448 and SCP-448, (G)9002, "Orchestra USA/Debut". Also LoneHill Jazz CD LHJ 10117. Doug Benson sent the review of this record from DownBeat. Data also derived from Michael Fitzgerald's Orchestra USA discography. Three Little Feelings was recorded on 12 January 1963 without Dolphy.

Orchestra U.S.A.
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Atlantic Recording Studios, NYC, 27 February 1963

Louis Mucci, Herb Pomeroy, Nick Travis (tpt); Mike Zwerin (tbn); Bob Northern, Robert Swisshelm (frh); Harvey Philips (tu); Eric Dolphy (as,fl); Phil Woods (as,cl); Robert DiDomenica (fl,picc); Don Stewart (cl,basset-horn); Ray Shiner (oboe); Philipp West (oboe,english horn); Wally Kane (fl,bassoon); John Lewis (pno,dir,comp); Nathan Goldstein, Gerald Beal, Gino Sambucco, Alfred Breuning (vln); Julian Barber, Aaron Juvelier (vla); Joseph Tekula, Alla Goldberg (cel); Richard Davis (bass); Jim Hall (gtr); Connie Kay (dr); Sticks Evans, Michael Colgrass (perc); Gunther Schuller (cond).

Natural Affection [5:30], Donnie's Theme [5:18], The Star Spangled Banner [1:22]

Same info as above.

Freddie Hubbard and his Orchestra
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NYC, 8 March 1963

Freddie Hubbard, Eddie Armour (?), Richard Williams (tpt); Curtis Fuller, Melba Liston (tbn); Bob Northern, Julius Watkins (frh); Eric Dolphy (as); Jerome Richardson (bars); Cedar Walton (pno); Harry Cykman, Morris Stonzek, Arnold Eidus, Sol Shapiro, Charles McCracken, Harry Katzman, Harry Lookofsky, Gene Orloff, Julius Held, Paul Poliakin (strings); Reggie Workman (bass); Philly Joe Jones (dr); Wayne Shorter (arr,cond).

Chocolate Shake [3:57], Skylark [4:34], I Got it Bad and that Ain't Good [3:42]

With below, "The Body and The Soul", Impulse A-38, AS9237-2.

Eric Dolphy Quartet
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University of Illinois, 10 March 1963

Eric Dolphy (as,bcl,fl); Herbie Hancock (pno); Eddie Khan (bass); J.C. Moses (dr), Univ. of Illinois Big Band: John Garvey (director); Kim Richmond, Nick Henson, Ron Scalise, Vince Johnson, Bob Huffington (sax); George Marsh, Bill Parsons (dr); Ralph Woodward, Carol Holden (horns); Glen Danielson (oboe); Dick Montz, Bruce Scafe, Joe Kennon, Cecil Bridgewater, Roman Popowycz, Larry Franklin (tpt); Fred Atwood, Ed Marzuki (bass); Ben Williams (fl); Tom Jewett (cl); Dave Sporny, Jon English, Paul Barthelemy, Bob Edmondson (trb); Aaron Johnson (tuba); Terry Brennan, Marilyn Kemp (pno).

Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (bcl) [19:45], Something Sweet Something Tender (bcl) [1:20], God Bless the Child (bcl) [9:00], South Street Exit (fl) [7:00], Iron Man (as) [10:15], Red Planet (as) [12:00], G.W. (as) [7:30]

This was originally from Reichardt (in the back). In 1996, Brian Sanders contacted me out of the blue to say that he was sending a tape that I'd like. I did, and arranged with the Dolphy estate to have it issued.

The university band is on Red Planet (actually a brass ensemble) and GW. Cecil Bridgewater says he played french horn on Red Planet. We attempted to resolve the authorship of Red Planet (aka Miles' Mode). Michael Cuscuna suggested that it might be a Coltrane line arranged by Dolphy for brass ensemble, perhaps for the Africa Brass session. Graham Connah and Cecil Bridgewater pointed out that Red Planet consists of a twelve-tone row played forward and backward. See Simosko's note about this composition. I also made a page with further discussion and samples.

Something Sweet has no improvisation, just a lovely statement of the tune. Eric goes directly into a great version of God Bless the Child. The large ensemble is not at all featured, but plays a good bit on GW. Hancock and Kahn have some great moments, and Dolphy is in top form.

Here is a scan of the program: front and back. Note that Richard Davis was expected, but had other engagements in New York City and didn't travel much in those days. A review was published in the school paper a couple days later. All of the students and faculty I talked with about this raved about John Garvey, who was almost entirely responsible for this concert. Unfortunately, Maestro Garvey got screwed by Michael Cuscuna, who didn't come through with the honorarium he had promised, until Garvey was on his deathbed. Here are a couple postcards John sent me in 1999 and 2000.

Freddie Hubbard and his Orchestra
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NYC, 11 March 1963

Freddie Hubbard, Al De Risi, Ernie Royal, Clark Terry (tpt); Curtis Fuller, Melba Liston (tbn); Bob Northern (frh); Eric Dolphy (as); Robert Powell (tuba); Jerome Richardson, Charles Davis (bars); Seldon Powell (ts); Cedar Walton (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Philly Joe Jones (dr); Wayne Shorter (arr,cond).

Carnival [5:20], Thermo [4:17], Aries [3:07]

With above and below, "The Body and The Soul", Impulse A-38, AS-9237-2, and Quintessence QJ-25161. Aries is on ASD-9228-3, Thermo on ASY-9272-3.

Gunther Schuller ensembles?
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Carnegie Hall NY, 14 March 1963

Eric Dolphy (cl), Gloria Agostina (harp), Warren Chiasson (vibes), Richard Davis (bass).


Eric Dolphy (as); Mathew Raimondi, Lewis Kaplan (violin); Samuel Rhodes (viola); Michael Rudiakov (cello); Jim Hall (g); Richard Davis, Barre Phillips (bass); Sticks Evans (dr).


Vintage Dolphy (GM 3005CD), (J)20PJ10058, 32JD10058, Enja (G)LP5045, 5045-2. See March 10 1962 as well.

Eric Dolphy Quartet
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Carnegie Hall, 18 April 1963

Eric Dolphy (as, bcl, fl); Edward Armour (tpt); Richard Davis (b); J. C. Moses (dr).

Half Note Triplets (bcl), Ode To Charlie Parker (fl), Iron Man (as)

Phil Woods (as), Nick Travis (tpt), Benny Golson (ts), Jimmy Knepper (tbn), Don Ellis (tpt), Jim Hall (g), Eric Dolphy (as), Lalo Schifrin (p), Barre Phillips (b), Charles Persip (dr).

Donna Lee

Vintage Dolphy (GM 3005CD), (J)20PJ10058, 32JD10058, Enja (G)LP5045, 5045-2.

Teddy Charles and the All Stars
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NYC, 26 April 1963

Zoot Sims (ts); Jerome Richardson (ts,fl); Pepper Adams (bars); Eric Dolphy (bcl); Teddy Charles (vib,arr); Hall Overton (pno); Teddy Kotick (bass); Jimmy Raney (gtr); Osie Johnson (dr); Ed Bland (arr).

Scheherezade Blue, Love for Three Oranges March, Borodin Bossa Nova

"Russia Goes Jazz", United Artists UAS-6365, UAL-3365. Thanks to Yas Saotome for sending this music, which I don't think I'd heard.

Freddie Hubbard and his Orchestra
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NYC, 2 May 1963

Freddie Hubbard (tpt); Curtis Fuller (tbn); Eric Dolphy (as); Wayne Shorter (ts); Cedar Walton (pno); Reggie Workman (bass); Louis Hayes (dr).

Clarence's Place (as) [3:29], Dedicated to You [3:24], Body and Soul [4:36]

With above, "The Body and The Soul", Impulse A-38. Clarence and Body and Soul are on AS-9237-2.

John Coltrane Quintet
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Probably NYC, possibly 1963

John Coltrane (ts); Eric Dolphy (as); Reggie Workman or Jimmy Garrison (bass); Elvin Jones (dr).

Warm Up (as) [0:47], Unknown Tune [17:55 (inc)]

Possibly from a rehearsal.

John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy
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Probably NYC, date unknown

John Coltrane (ts, ss); Eric Dolphy (as, bcl, ss).

Practicing A (as) [2:36], Practicing B (bcl) [0:54], Practicing C (ss) [2:05]

Probably taped at home. Working out various things. I'm guessing that's Dolphy on soprano and Trane on tenor. That's definitely Dolphy talking on B about how the clarinet has a register change of a 12th.

late 1963-64


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