Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Rune Carlsson Quartet 4 September 1961 Vastmanland - Dala Nation, Uppsala, Sweden Eric Dolphy (as,bcl,fl); Ronny Johansson (pno); Kurt Lindgren (bass); Rune Carlsson (dr) 304. What is this thing called love? (bcl)
305. 245 (as)
306. Laura (as)
307. 52nd Street Theme (as)
308. Bag's Groove (fl)
309. Out of Nowhere (as)
310. I'll Remember April (as)
311. 52nd Street Theme (as)
312. When Lights are Low (bcl)
Serene CD SER 03 and 04 "The Uppsala Concert Volumes 1 and 2". Unknown until 1990s, apparently recorded by the club owners. Thanks to John Bell and Bill Hery. Also on ITM Media-Jazz Door (JD 1253/54) and Serene (J)WWCJ1031/32. A lot of tremendous playing. Simosko says: "The rhythm section is the least attuned to Dolphy of any with which he is known to have recorded." I presume this refers to some places where they really are into a different trip from Eric, but most of this lengthy recording really swings despite them.