Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eric Dolphy Quartets 6 September 1961 Berlingske Hus, Copenhagen Denmark Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Bent Axen (pno); Erik Moseholm (bass); Jørn Elniff (dr) 311. Don't Blame Me (fl) [11:45]
312. Don't Blame Me (fl) [12:11]
313. When Lights are Low (bcl) [12:10]
314. Miss Ann
315. Miss Ann
Prestige PR7350, PR7382, PR7366, 24027 ("In Europe Vol. 2", "Here and There", "In Europe Vol. 3", "Copenhagen Concert"). OJC 413-2, 414-2, 416-2 (LP, CD) for Vol 1, 2, 3 respectively (see below). These recordings are a bit of a mess discographically, unfortunately, because Prestige released them in many places and messed up titles etc. and recorded several takes and scattered them. See S&T if you want to try to straighten it out. Note that the 'Miss Ann' on 7350 is actually the Les from below. On the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182, they didn't release the Miss Anns, apparently because they don't have them (these were actually recorded by Debut). They also mistakenly substituted When Lights are Low for the Laura below on early pressings! The first take of Don't Blame Me is also on PR24070. See below for other issues.
  7 September 1961 TV studio Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Bent Axen (pno); Erik Moseholm (bass); Jørn Elniff or William Schiopffe (dr) 316. Green Dolphin Street (bcl)
317. Miss Ann (as)
318. 245 (as)
  TV broadcast, video is not known. Wendt gives the date. Mitsuo Johfu and others suggest, from aural evidence and the fact that Elniff is on the other sessions, that the drummer is Elniff rather than Schiopffe who is cited in most discographies. Thanks to Yas Saotome for pointing this out to me. Miss Ann and 245 are joined, and 245 is incomplete
  8 September 1961 Studenter-foreningen Foredragssal, Copenhagen, Denmark Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Bent Axen (pno); Erik Moseholm, Chuck Israels (bass); Jørn Elniff (dr) 319. Glad to be unhappy (fl)
320. Hi-Fly (fl)
321. God Bless the Child (bcl)
322. Oleo (bcl)
323. The Way You Look Tonight (as)
324. Laura (as)
325. Woody'n You (as)
326. In the Blues (as)
327. Les (as)
These are on Prestige PR7304, PR7350, PR7366, 24070, and 24027 again. PR7304 is Vol. 1. Now on OJCCD-413-2, OJCCD-414-2, OJCCD-416-2.
Other releases: Debut (D)DEB136, (J)VDJ1594, (F)PRX40441, (J)SMJ6575, SMJ7212, VICJ23631, Stateside (E)SL10104, (J)SMJ6576, SMJ7335, VICJ23632, SMJ6577, SMJ7367, VICJ23633. Debut 136 issued the last take of In the Blues as I Don't Know Why, and listed the 52nd Street Theme coda to Laura as a separate track. On the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182, they mistakenly substituted When Lights are Low for Laura on early copies.
The alto solo on The Way You Look Tonight is hot. Hi-Fly is a duet with Israels. There are 4 takes of In the Blues, one of which is only a false start.