Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Eddie Beal Combo 1957? Los Angeles Eddie Beal (pno); Herman Mitchell (gtr); Clarence Daniels (bass); Eric Dolphy (baritone saxophone); Jimmy Owens (drums); The Platters (vocals); Robbie Robinson (ts). 22. Pussy Foot 2:37
23. He's Mine 2:20
24. Honey Buggin' 2:39
25. I'm Sorry 2:53
26. Breezin' (bars) 2:47
27. Leadfoot 1:56
Mercury MG20293 Thanks to Paul Karting, we now have visual evidence that Dolphy appeared in at least one session with The Platters (Zola Taylor, Tony Williams, Herb Reed, Paul Robi and ?), the 1957 Roger Corman film Rock All Night. Notably, he plays baritone saxophone behind this vocal group. Thanks to Yas Saotome, we know that the soundtrack was released as Mercury MG20293. He provided the sound files linked above. Scans of the cover and labels are on the page linked above. I can't be certain that Dolphy is on these, but presumably this is the case. Finally, thanks to Mark Cantor and Buddy Collette for identifying the personnel.
Eddie Beal, Red Callender ca. 1956-57 Los Angeles   28. Toni's Tune (bars)
You'll Never Know, other recordings with The Platters
Antler 45-4006 More undocumented information from S&T who got it from Lillian Polen, Eddie Beal, and Mrs. Dolphy. Simosko notes a possible reference to these by Jepsen in Jazz Records 1942-1962, Vol. 1, page 286. See above (Rock All Night) for a date where Dolphy recorded with Eddie Beal. Yas Saotome sent a file of Toni's Tune, which, according to http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/titles/t/to.htm was recorded 13 May 1957. This is from Antler 45-4006 (http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/pics/d00/323.htm), the B side of The Blockbusters' Fulltime Baby. Yas thinks this might be Dolphy's first recording on bass clarinet, but it sounds like baritone saxophone to me.