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Charles Mingus Sextet 10 April 1964 Concertgebouw, Amsterdam Eric Dolphy (as,fl,bcl); Johnny Coles (tpt); Clifford Jordan (ts); Jaki Byard (pno); Charles Mingus (bass); Dannie Richmond (dr).

523. Don't Stay Over Here Too Long Eric [21:45] (as)
524. Fables of Faubus [30:00] (bcl)
525. Meditations on a Pair of Wire Cutters [22:45] (fl,bcl)
526. Ow [20:45] (as)
527. Orange was the color of her dress then blue silk [17:45] (bcl)


528. de Ruyter interview [5:28]

Ulysse Musique AROC 50506/507/508. Also "Charles Mingus in Amsterdam", DIW 323/324 on CD according to Bill Hery, with Sophisticated Lady and ATFWYOU as well. OW is aka Parkeriana. So Long Eric titled as above on stage by Mingus. Ow and Don't Stay ... are on 50506, Meditations and Orange on 50507, and Fables is on 50508. These are also numbered 1001 and 1002 on Ulysse Aroc as CDs. Also, East Coasting 506/507, DIW (J)1188/89 and 1206. This is now out on Mosaic MD6-253.
Some great solos by Clifford.
Paul Karting writes:
The concert began with an introduction by a guy, who was working for the Dutch Paul Acket organisation. (1:53). Mingus introduces the 1st composition "A.T.F.W.Y.O.U". (0:44), "A.T.F.W.Y.O.U". by Jaki Byard (4.04). Comment by Charles Mingus and "Sophisticated lady" (6.34). Mingus introduces the group and there is some stage talk till they start after 2:38 with "Don't stay overthere too long Eric" ("So long Eric")(21:52) After they played, Mingus talks about Eric is leaving the band because America is so beautiful and free. The next piece "Fables of Faubus" is introduced by Mingus and he advised the audience "not to buy the version on Columbia or Candid because those companies did not pay the royalties. So only buy Impulse or RCA" (1:08). Then "Fables of Faubus". Due to the use of one recorder, the technician had to change tapes and a small piece of "Faubus" is not recorded (31:13).Then intermission. After the intermission Mingus introduces "Meditation on a pair of wire cutters" and he talks about concentration-camps and about his Framus bass, made in Germany, the country where a lot happened. After some conversation on stage a guy from the audience whistles and Eric Dolphy on flute replies.(3:40) Then "Meditations" (23:00). Mingus who was paid for the recording says that he will take care that these recording won't get out. (It was recorded for radiobroadcast) (very hypocritical).Then "Ow", introduced by Mingus (21:18). As last piece Mingus explains "Orange was the colour of her dress, then blue silk".(15:30).
After this concert, Michiel de Ruyter interviewed Mingus and Dolphy for the fortnightly radio show Jazz Magazine, from which was excerpted the quote at the end of the Last Date record about music being in the air.
Paul also provided photos from this date, taken by Henk Visser.