Title Date Place Personnel Tunes Releases Notes
Oliver Nelson Sextet 27 May 1960 Englewood Cliffs NJ Richard Williams (tpt); Eric Dolphy (as,bcl); Oliver Nelson (as,ts); Richard Wyands (pno); George Duvivier (bass); Roy Haynes (dr)
119. Three Seconds (as)
120. Alto-itis (as)
121. The Meetin' (as)
122. The Drive (as)
123. March On March On (as)
124. Screamin' the Blues (bcl)
New Jazz NJLP8243, Prestige 45-202 or 508, OJC 080, Status 8243, Prestige P24060, Esquire 32-148, Xtra 5039, SMJ-6565, HB6139. This is "Screamin' the Blues". Also on the Fantasy box, 9PRCD-44182. Meetin' is on FCD-60-022. March On is on Boplicity (E)BPOM11.