Assorted pictures arranged partly chronologically

Some old photos

Sarah, Sam, and Lynn



Some old slides

Ruth, June, and Sam

Ruth and June

Nick and Em

Shleime Rosenberg and his wife, from a stereo slide


Pennsylvania August 2014

Iscyclists on Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard 2014

Riding to Quebec and back



Audio of Ruth Saul's Memorial Service

Ruth Saul: 70th birthday video

Julia and Sam's wedding

Lynn's photos

Martine's graduation

End of 2007: Norway, Morocco, Thanksgiving, Baby naming, School, Christmas, ...

Slideshow Give it time to load the many pictures.



House on Raymond Ave

Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah, 27 August 2005

Some of Nicole's photos in QuickTime slideshow format


Fred and Cynthia
Fred and Cynthia
Martine and Hannah
Cynthia, Rose and Bill
Rose and Bill
Bill and Rose
Bill and Rose
Bill, Alan and Martine
Saying Motzi
Breaking bread
Carnival games
Dining tent
Back yard
Swing set
Eddie and Emma
Eddie and Emma
Eddie, Jan and Stephanie
Eddie, Stephanie, Jan and Hannah

The end of 2004

Martine holding ice formations
Martine with ice formations
Jack in favorite chair
Sadie headed toward camera
Becky and neighbor
Sadie clapping
Sadie looking at Ruth
Martine and ice at outflow of pond
Jack in favorite chair
Justus showing toy to Ruth

Thanksgiving at Covenant

Ruth, Doris, and Evelyn

Simone and Jess in Augusta

Simone and Jess
Simone and Jess
Simone and Jess
Simone and Jess

Photos from Halloween weekend in DC

Trick or treat
Kathy with Batman ears
Kathy and Claire
Playing at Native American museum
Sitting in the museum
Martine and Ben
Martine, Cal, and Claire
Cal with towel cape
Native American museum
Another view of the Native American museum
Group shot on Amy's steps
Group shot on Amy's steps again
Posing with pumpkins
Julie and Caitlin
Jeremy and Betsy
Caitlin and Leah
Caitlin and Leah again
A spider on the porch

Photos from hike in Northern Georgia

Amicalola Falls
View from waterfall
Martine below falls

Martine gets her hair cut 18 September 2004

Martine before
Martine before
Martine after
Martine before and after
Martine with henna on hand
Closeup of henna

Kevin and Erica after her graduation

Various photos from May 2004 in Florida, Augusta, and Aiken

Dangers in Hitchcock Woods
Alan and Phil Peters
Alan and Phil Peters

Photos by Lynn and Wendy from Ruth's 85th birthday party, and seder the night before that party


Ruth and her children with Wendy's camera
Ruth and her children with Lynn's camera
Wendy and Nate
Karen, Wendy, Nate, and Lynn
Wendy, Ruth, and Lynn
Wendy, Michael, Becky, Wesley, Sadie, Ruth, and Alan with Wendy's camera
Wendy, Michael, Becky, Wesley, Sadie, Ruth, and Alan with Lynn's camera
Wes and Nicole
Becky and Sadie
Ruth and 3 of her granddaughters
Nicole, Simone, and Ruth
Lots of us at Wendy's
Before seder
Another seder shot
Ruth in studio
Ruth by kiln
Lew playing
Margie listening to Lew

Photos from Martine's Bat Mitzvah in July 2003

Photos from Lynn's visit in January 2003

Lynn, Wendy, Wesley, and Becky at Wendy's
Ruth, Wendy, Wesley and Becky
Ruth and Lynn outside Ruth's apartment building
Lynn and Alex at his restaurant, Jozsa's Corner
Together at Jozsa's

Thanksgiving 2002 photos by Wendy

Sam and Martine
Nicole and Simone
To Life!

X-rays of my leg

April 20, right after it happened
my knee on April 20
October 24, lateral view
November 17, lateral view
November 17, front view
December 5, front view
December 5, lateral view
January 30, lateral view, no fixator but note the holes it left
January 30, front view
June 26, medial view, "fully healed"
June 26, front view

Rebecca in New Freeport and Pittsburgh

Black and white photos by Nicole:

Tara Gangwar eating ice cream
Rebecca and Martine
Magda, Tara, Rebecca, and Martine out front
Rebecca and campmate playing
Rebecca and Martine after concert
Rebecca after the concert

Rebecca and Nicole after Rebecca's concert
Rebecca, Justus, and Martine with Pez
Rebecca, Justus, and Martine on swing

Amy Gershon, Rebecca Saul, and Martine Saul, July 2002

Hanging onto Roberto
Roberto grabbing Martine's hat
Posing with Roberto
At the game
Still at the game
Martine spinning Rebecca
Rebecca and Martine spinning

From July 4 2002

External fixator
Martine on the watersteps between PNC Park and Heinz Field
Martine on the watersteps between PNC Park and Heinz Field
Martine on the watersteps between PNC Park and Heinz Field
Martine on the watersteps between PNC Park and Heinz Field
Alan by watersteps
Roberto Clemente grabbing Alan's cap
Willie Stargell and Martine
Brian Giles, Martine, and Mike Williams
Brian Giles, Alan, and Mike Williams

Close-up of Martine, taken by Harpo

More pictures by Harpo, mostly of his contra-alto clarinet:

The clarinet itself in its case
The contralto clarinet in bed
Harpo playing contralto clarinet
Alan on contralto clarinet
Terence looking out
Terence on contralto clarinet
Terence on contralto clarinet
Terence on contralto clarinet
Terence on bass clarinet in tree
Terence on bass clarinet from paper
Terence with clarinets and baby horn

A few selections from Threed, our clarinet trio. These are streaming Quicktime files:

A brief examination of tonal nourishment
Looking toward the south
A longer history of clarinetistry
Harpo on contralto, Alan on soprano
Harpo takes on Frank
Travels with Terence
Long tones and silence
Old aldehyde on the naugahyde
Solid State Toner
The Pear Damsel
Comin Round the Fountain
Drenched Drip
Earl Robinson's Garden
Maximum Wisdom
Good night for taunt

and here are a couple of PortaPak videos shot by Terence in the mid-70s:



Chanukah 2001
Wendy and Ruth
Martine and Justus
Becky and Wesley

Thanksgiving 2001
Wendy and Michael on their porchWendy and Michael on their porch
Sam setting up a poseSam setting up a pose
Walking byWalking by
Group photos: 1 2 3 4
Wendy arranging a poseWendy arranging a pose
Simone, Ruth, and Alan: 12 3

Simone dressed upSimone dressed up and with Elijahwith Elijah
NicoleNicole and MartineMartine in the dining room

Harpo's low-res digital photos of Terence and me playing a couple of his many clarinets, June 3 2001:
Terence and me on the basses
Terence and me on the basses
Terence and me on the basses
Terence at Wendy's on A soprano
Terence and me on the basses
Terence and me on the basses
Terence and me on the basses
Terence on bass
Terence on bass slanted
Terence adjusting neck of bass
Terence doing something to bass
Terence on bass on telephone book
Fuzzy Terence on bass

Pictures from Becky and Wesley's Wedding, May 26 2001 by Lynn and Wendy

During ceremony
Becky and Wesley recessing
Becky and Wesley dancing
Sam and Wendy
Simone, Rachel, Sarah, and Erica
Another version of above
Simone, Dave, Joel, and Alan
Vlastik, Eva, Terence, and Nicole
Cynthia, Stephanie, Nancy, Eddie and Emma
Joanne, Becky, Justus, and Becky's mother
Joan, Art, and Stephanie
Nat, Bud, Erica, Joe, Lynn, and Carrie
Michael, Ginny, Joe, Clint, Sam, and Devlin golfing
Rachel and Simone
Terence and Nicole

Pictures from Rachel's Bat Mitzvah, March 2001:
Nicole and Rachel with some tall guy
Cousins at Rachel's Bat Mitzvah
Low on water in Tucson Mountains
Poppies and lupines

Nicole, Martine, Alan at New England Aquarium, August 2000

Pictures from Simone's Bat Mitzvah, June 1999:
Wendy, Alan and Nate at party (64K JPEG)

Simone, David, Sam in MG (96K JPEG)

Simone and Michael dancing

Lois and Harry, Sally Kalson and Ed Feinstein doing the YMCA?

At the party

Karen, Alan, and Nate

David Saul and Lynn

Ruth and Terence

Michael and Terence

Sam with Amy Cohn

Simone and Sam

Joel and Sam

Mary Christie and Michael Stetser

Stacy and Gloria

Michael and Wendy

Mary and Ruth

Shirley, Gloria, Mary

Mary and Gloria

Gloria and Simone





Cicadas (50K JPEG)

Family by the Mon (36K JPEG)

Group picture with caption from April 3 1999

Ruth playing ping-pong (39K JPEG)

Nicole, Simone, Shirley, Martine, and Alan November 1998 (64K JPEG)

A picture of my extended family (184K GIF) Michael, Shirley, Nicole, Martine, Ruth, Sam, Wesley, Simone, Alan, Wendy

A friend, nephew, and daughter (51K JPEG) Martine, Terrance, Sam

Yet another picture of my extended family (176K GIF) Ruth, Shirley, Martine, Michael, Wendy, Sam, Alan, Nicole, Simone, Wesley

Martine Saul and Michaela Sonneborn April 98 (33K JPEG)

Some pictures from Wilmington NC Thanksgiving 1997

Simone and June in Beverly Hills (96K JPEG)

With June in 1996 or so (128K JPEG)

A family picture from April 1996 (80K JPEG) Sam, Shirley, Simone, Lynn, Wendy, Wesley, Ruth, Alan, Martine, Kevin, , Nicole

Martine at about 2 (96K JPEG)

My grandmother Emalene Siegel Friedman (200K GIF)

Itzak Mates Siegel (33K JPEG) My great-great-grandfather

Isaac and Sadie Miriam Saul and part of their family My great grandfather on the other side

Harry and Lillie Saul (192K JPEG)

Harry Saul in front of his store (in Dunlo PA?) (256K JPEG)

Shots from July 4 festivities in Hundred West Virginia:



Nicole and Simone

Sam and girls

Ruth and Alan

Nicole Martine Simone

Lynn, Alan, Martine, David Saul, Wendy

Mary Christie at the piano

Sarah and cicada

Shira and cicada


Shira and Simone

In the MG, Simone, David and Sam

Stephanie Meyers

Isabel Meyers and Martine

Cynthia Friedman and Jacob Meyers

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