Djemina arrives

Tales from the Heart #3, page 22

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Cathy makes it back to her house and is relieved to get away from centrafricains. She hears a knock on the door and thinks it's her american friends coming back. Instead, it's another of the dreaded centrafricaines [disclaimer: note that I say "dreaded" from Cathy's point of view at that moment, and certainly not from my own feelings or Cathy's eventual point of view, and that these comments are my interpretation of Cindy Goff's work based on my reading and my experience].

Panel 2: Cathy says, "Hah! I knew you guys would forget somethin-"

Panel 3: The woman at the door says "Bara mingui. Iri ti mbi Djemina." Cathy manages to understand this, and says "Oh. Hi... I mean... Bara mo. Iri timo -- I mean -- iri timbi Cathy. Come in - ga."

Panel 4: Djemina says "Mbi yeda timo mingui. [I like your house very much.] Lakwe tongana Mary a yeke da mbi ga ti sala tene nalo. [Every day when Mary was here I came to talk with her.]" Cathy doesn't catch much of this and replies "What? Um... nyen [what]? Mo tene hio hio. Way too fast."

Panel 5: Djemina slows down and repeats "Mbi tene - (your house)..." with Cindy providing the translation now in place of the Sango.

Panel 6: Djemina finishes "... is pretty." Cathy says "Ah! Merci! [thank you]".

Djemina, rather than asking Cathy for things, has brought her a bunch of bananas, which Cathy REALLY appreciates. I presume that Mary was Cathy's predecessor at the site, and Djemina had been close with her and knows how to deal with this new american. Cathy, like most of us, appreciates the efforts of those who came before.

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