Making a friend

Tales from the Heart #3, page 23

This is the third in a series of four pages from one of Cindy Goff's comic books. If needed, go back to the previous page.

Cathy lights the kerosene lantern (note the setting sun in the last panel of page 22) and they sit down and talk (and eat bananas and peanut sticks - it's hard to believe that Cathy didn't have anything to offer to drink, but such things happen). This page represents a magical experience that most of us can relate to probably.

Panel 2: The caption says, "We talked into the evening. Djemina and I: tentatively, haltingly, as newly met strangers do. The language barrier didn't help, but somehow we managed to understand each other..."

Panel 3: Cathy says "Brenda a gwe na Bossangoa. [Brenda went to Bossangoa.]" Brenda, her postmate, had just returned from a vacation in Paris (I can't imagine how or why she did that), met Cathy briefly, found out that she had bedbugs, thrown her mattress out, and run off to get a new one in Bossangoa, the nearest city. I just had my house sprayed with DDT.

Panel 4: Djemina says "Ah, I like Brenda mingui! Lo yeke crazy! Ha-ha-ha-ha!.." "Lo yeke" just means "she is".

Panel 5: Cathy says "Yeah, she is a little goofy, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" I don't know how she managed to express that to Djemina. :-)

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