Images sent by Dr. Szegõ Ágnes via Stephen Casey

The oldest tombstone in the local cemetery, from 1773.

Left: Istvan Aszodi, a doctor and Right: Istvan Balin, engineer, originally Jakab Weiszmann, 1880-1959

Hotel Bull

Left: Jakab Blau landowner, died in 1890. Right: Jakab Blau’s son, landowner, too.

Sandor Braun and his family. They were murdered in the Holocaust.


Chevra Kadisha book – from the first half of the 20th century

Doctor – in the middle of the photo is Aladar Kiss, the leader of the war hospital in 1914.

The Blau Family’s electric mill

The shop of Samuel Rubinstein on the Main Street, in 1927.

Left:Iren Flamm (Mrs. Dezso Weinberger) and Right: Olga Flamm

Local Jews in the forced labor group

The brick factory, the location of the ghetto.

Lumber mill

Gyula Gluck wood merchant

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